Watch + Bracelet + Bracelet...etc...

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  1. From the other jewelry and watch threads, I know I'm not alone in loving the look of watches paired with one, two, or multiple bracelets. Today I've got my stainless steel watch with leather and gold bracelets. I like the texture and colour of these together.

    I love the look of an adorned wrist and I think there are so many opportunities to make this watch and bracelet layering look suit all styles/ages/and budgets. The studded cuff is Rachel Leigh, the green "snakeskin" is $4 steal from H&M, and my trusty Bulova.

  2. I would love to try more styles. I've been pretty obsessed lately with the photographs of well decorated wrists from Tommy Ton and Sartorialist (some of them I've been keeping around for a while)

    Aren't these fabulous?
    Love the mixed gold and silver

    I think mixing gold and silver is so chic (although my mother always said not to do it haha...but she was worried about the softer gold wearing down against the silver, particularly with bracelets)
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  3. I'm the kind of girl who wears her watch everywhere. Casual, dressy, rock climbing! So I have really embraced using bracelets to alter the look depending on the occasion.

    I'm looking for some square and geometric bangles like the ones below to dress up for dinner dates and drinks with friends.
  4. Love these pics! I live in a watch too, although I've stopped stacking with my watch and moved everything to my right wrist. Just got too uncomfortable. But these examples make we want to go back to stacking!
  5. ^I know what you mean. I used to stack my silver cuff with my watch until I noticed my stainless watch was wearing away at my cuff because one is harder than the other. It also jangled too much.

    I bought that green H&M cuff as a buffer. It's soft so other metals won't clang against my watch.
  6. More photos that are totally over the top!
    Not a look I'd personally go for, but its still cool.

    I think that's a Tom Binns cuff. If I owned one, I'd probably try this :graucho:
  7. love this thread! I'm a huge bracelet fan and love stacking dbty's and bangles! i'll take some pictures of stacks I usually wear in a bit!
  8. I love stacking...A LOT...From cheap $10 bangle/cuff to my Golds...I love them all. We should have one thread exclusively for pics of stacked styles (in the reference forum) and one for chatter...I am not a very seasoned user...but some of you can do it...:smile:
  9. Oh yay, please post your pics too. Personal as well as inspirational photos.
  10. I just found this one googling.
    I think it's sort of the opposite of dressing up a plain watch, where adding a leather studded bracelet makes this crystal evening watch more day appropriate.

  11. i love the watch + bracelets combo. haven't found the right combo myself but i'm loving the pictures!! keep them coming. i need more ideas :biggrin:
  12. A chunky look from Fendi (spring?) 2011
    This would definitely be a special and memorable look. I wouldn't wear this with a precious or delicate watch for fear of it taking a beating from the heavy bracelets.
  13. Will do on the more photos!
    Last one tonight though before I go get some dinner.

    I think this looks particularly good because of the long sleeve grey knit that is very neutral. Still a really adventurous mix of "bracelets", I'm not even sure if that silk thing is a bracelet, probably a scarf or handkerchief.
  14. The leather cuff as a buffer is genius! Loving all of these great pics too. Thanks and keep 'em coming! :smile:
  15. love this thread, I have also been obsessed with the layered look, love the pics.:tup: