Warning you about another buyer

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  1. I got inspired to post this after reading about Foxy's bravery in another thread about a woman trying to rip her off after buying a $4,000 red Chanel.

    Mine happened this summer too. I was selling some Louis Vuitton Impulsion sunglasses on ebay, which I had bought straight from the Saks in Birmingham Alabama. I should have KNOWN from the get go that the buyer was VERY fishy. I had a buy it now or best offer and she put in an offer and I sent a counteroffer. Well, she was asking questions like could she have the receipt with the glasses and I said yes (like an idiot) and then she asked if they were 100% authentic and before I could even answer the question, the auction ended with her accepting my counteroffer.... I was so taken aback, but I was happy to have sold something and I was like whatever. Anyway, she paid really really fast, and the next day, I shipped them with the only receipt I had (like a dummy) to CALIFORNIA where she told me to send and it was also the paypal confirmed address. I put the receipt in the box with the glasses and they were absolutely perfect.

    3 or more weeks later, she says they aren't authentic and there was NO receipt!! I was like omg, this woman is scamming me. I knew right away! So she thought she had me by having my receipt. I jumped up RIGHT away and headed to Saks to see if they still had my purchase in the system and they printed off another receipt. So, I emailed her and was like look hun, I have another receipt to prove that these ARE authentic! It was insanity! So then she decides that they are authentic and says she trusts me, but then says they are damaged and took pictures of what looked like she had put glue or something on the hinge. I was like OMG! I told her I KNEW I sent them perfect and I DID have extra detailed pictures for my own records! Then she said that she took long reporting because she is in CHINA, and I was like, well I sent them to you in California.... so she said I sent them to her sister who then sent them to her in China LOL and I was like, that's against rules anyway. So anyway, before she even asked me straight up for a refund, she left negative feedback on my ebay about me refusing a refund when we hadn't even gotten that far yet. She filed a paypal case and I had already been in touch with paypal at this point and I sent them ALL of her emails and my responses so they could see. I even sent them the pictures she showed me which looked so contrived. Then when she thought she was going to lose, she said she would settle if I gave her $80!! I said NO. I stood my ground because this lady obviously wanted SOME kind of money out of me. She wanted those glasses for free and then just wanted SOMETHING in return! I was not going to let her have ONE penny back! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt after she tried to settle with $80 that she was a crazy con artist. If they glasses had indeed been bad, she would have wanted to send them back to me and gotten her money back... not keep them and get $80!

    So anyway, it's good that I stood my ground because I won the case and she never emailed me again. Only thing that hurt me was the 1 negative feedback because it was my first and I am not a store, so I only have 40 feedbacks to begin with. 1 bad one can bring a score way down!

    To conclude, the buyer is bonniechan_cn1 and she has done it a couple of times before she did it to me. I hope Foxy wins and stomps her scammer in the ground! I hope Foxy's scammer gets more than mine did... arrested! Because Foxy's case is much bigger and worse. Mine was $400 and hers with another zero on the end!
  2. I'm glad that you stood your ground and won. Did you ask ebay to remove the feedback since she was trying to scam you? If not, I would.
  3. I forgot to add that part. I had talked to paypal and they said Ebay would remove since I won the paypal case and then they forwarded my call to Ebay. Well, they said no because they don't base removing feedbacks on Paypal cases!! I called 2 times about it and the people were absolute IDIOTS! It was insanity and I was very angry at Ebay for doing this. I tell you what, Ebay is the most greedy company. They OWN paypal, yet they get a final value fee AND paypal takes a fee.... so it's like 2 final value fees! I watched a show on tv recently about ebay and it showed the CEOs of ebay... if I ever EVER met these people, I would rip them a new one.
  4. wow what a crazy "B". thanks for sharing your story! glad you won the case.
  5. Good for you!

    She must have s#!t plaid rabbits when you came up with a copy of the receipt. Touche!
  6. nite_foxx- Thank you and yes she is :smile:

    poopsie- HAHAHAHA she probably did! She thought she had me cornered but I thought really fast! I just don't understand people. Also, once I was working at bebe and I could hear a woman in the dressing room switching prices on 2 different items and when she came up to the register, the tags on the items did not match the items. We busted her on it and she acted like nothing happened and when she got her money out to pay the real prices, she had literally stacks of $100 bills!!! Why scam when you have money?? I am so confused.
  7. ^how you think she has those 100s? :smile: because she doesn't usually get busted, stays $$$
  8. that's true. Gosh, I would never be like that! Maybe I should be a police because aside these 2 incidences, recently there was a fake artist on deviant art site (I am a pencil artist), and to make a long story short, we found 100% hard evidence he was not really drawing the pictures and they were photoshopped photography and it took me weeks and weeks, but I finally had the guy removed from 2 different art sites where he was scamming people. I just can't stand people who live on lies! Everyone lies, but there is a difference between you and I lying every now and then or rarely, and then another person thriving and making a living on lying! That fake artist, the person who lied to foxy about the Chanel, and the person who tried to scam me are all in the same category- lying con artists. I just love to see justice! I can't even stand movies without it sometimes... like when I saw Kubrik's A Clockwork Orange, it made me really upset (especially certain scenes) and I cried a little while after that movie. I think I am just sensitive.
  9. PriscillaW, good for you for standing your ground. I bet she got scared when she was caught out. Can EBay remove that false feedback she left you?
  10. thank you for sharing. I'm really glad you stood your ground.

    I had an incident where a buyer kept on fishing for a partial refund. I think she figured once she had the item in her possession it was easier to demand a refund. I stood my ground and paypal didn't refund her anything.
  11. thanks for the ID so blocking her A$$ right now!
  12. coachlover- I could not get ebay to remove the feedback because they said they don't remove feedback based on won paypal cases (total BS)

    crazzee_shopper- I really admire you for doing that as well! Justice rocks :smile:

    Minamiz- your comment seriously made me giggle out loud :biggrin: yeah, blocking her is good especially if you sell really high end stuff. She just might creep up on ya
  13. Ugh... I swear, idk if I will be selling on eBay anymore. It's so hit or miss these days as to whether you will get a scammer buyer... I'm so glad you stood your ground, OP!
  14. Thank you :smile: I understand what you mean and I felt the same way after that incident because I am a highly sensitive person, so it was a big hit on my emotions at the time. BUT I continue to sell because I won't let those monsters win. I hope anyone who tries it again reads my reply to her negative and think twice before they mess with me! So Jenay, you should totally sell if it's something you like to do and don't let the bad guys win. We will always have the people here on TPF to help us get through the rough.
  15. thanks for the info, i just added her to my block list since i ship international and sell designer items from time to time