Wapity Wapity Wapity

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  1. I just love saying that!! Seriously. I just bought a wapity mono today....I love it, its totally cute and different but when I got home I am kind of in a quandry as to what to use it for!! What have you guys been using your wapity for? Help me jusity keeping it! I already have a mono pouchette and mini pouchette. I was thinking to use it as a grab and go wristlet. Any other uses?
  2. i used to use it as an iPod holder...kept the iPod, the cord and earplugs in it.
  3. i have a wapity and love it... i use it just like you said, grab and go... i keep the important things in it... lipstick cell phone and debit and credit card.... i keep it in my baby's diaper bag so if we are just running in somewhere i put it in my wrist and have my arms free to carry her!

    i really do love it... i also take it with me on nights out ...
  4. Thanks...didnt take much encouragement for me to keep it! HA
  5. i'm still thinking if i should buy it or not. if i get it, it'd be in white MC. i think i need to buy a new digicam.. thinking of an Elph or DSC-t7 first.. one that can fit IN the wapity. hah. maybe for christmas. :biggrin:
  6. I saw the white one today and it was cute....just not my style. I just have never been able to get into the MC.
  7. I almost bought one for my Blackberry. But got the mini pochette instead. I do like this though...maybe I'll get it to use for my camera. We'll see...

    But, it's great for phone, keys and cash. Perfect size!
  8. a little OT, but what exactly does wapity mean? or is it just a name? and how do you pronounce it?
  9. I am with you...:weird:
  10. I really like the wapity, so cute. I've been thinking about getting one, but I think I should hold out for the etui psp.

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  11. My friend Molly at work is moving with her family to NC this summer. I plan on getting Molly a nice huge Coach bag, and her awesome sister Kate, a White MC Wapity! Just as going away gifts I guess... They're so cute! Especially for just a night on the town. (the bag I mean... lol)
  12. Maybe fit a digital camera in it or use it as a wristlet?
  13. I didn't see this listed on eluxury. How much is it, out of curiousity?
  14. On French LV it's 225 Euros, so it should be about $300 maybe?
  15. monogram is $215 i think, and MC is $315. i'm not sure bout monogram, but i know MC's price cuz that's the one i want more. hah.