Wapity, useful, or just too small

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  1. Wow, quite a lot of stuff fits in there. I'm really wanting one of these.
  2. IMO too small, but I'm sure other people would have a use for it. Maybe a cute camera bag :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the pics!!! they're super helpful...hmmm I think I'm gonna get one!!!
  4. Thanks for the great pictures. I have a Nikon, too. Coolpix L3. I really want one, but I'm going to think it through. It's cute, but I'm still not sure. lol :shame:
  5. I went to the LV store to check it out and figure its too small for me. I don't go clubbing, so I don't need to reduce my carry-on possession to fit such a small bag. But if I did, it would be the perfect size.
  6. i need an MC one.. since a guy carrying a pochette (especially an MC Pochette) is pretty funny lookin. haha.
  7. I also want a wapity and I will use it as a coin purse
  8. I've been eyeing this thing for awhile, but I have NO earthly idea what I'd use it for. I don't carry a cosmetics case, and I already have a small leather case coming for my digital camera. Coins? Not easy enough to get into, and I don't carry one regularly anyway. A wallet of sorts? I've got two LVs, a third is on the way, and I carry too many cards.

    LV has me by the throat with an item I can't even use!!!!!! :lol:
  9. ^^ yea, but the minute you get it home you'll know exactly what to use it for.. you'll FIND an excuse to use it. the wapity's have a tendency to fit ipods.. and that's what i'll use mine for.. ipod, house keys and coins/spare cash.
  10. i love the wapity but i wish it came in the damier or epi!
  11. you can custom order it in damier, not sure about epi.. but it'll cost you an extra 30%.
  12. If I carried my mp3 player around with me everywhere, yes, I think it would be a great little home for it. Since I don't, I'm really at a loss as to what I'd use it for. Especially since I don't always lug a larger bag around, and it's big enough to take up valuable room. LOL

  13. it's cute..but i think it's rather too small..i use it for a makeup case and still it's not enough for me..:sad:
  14. frozen- how do you custom order it, just at the store? Also, do you know what other lines you can order it in?
  15. you can custom order most things in store. you have to pay an extra 30%, and put at least 50% deposit down, and it takes about 6-12 months for it to be completed.

    for example, the damier speedy used to be custom order only, but is now soon to be available in stores (i believe june this year it will be available).

    the wapity, i'm guessing, can also be custom ordered in practically any line you want. ask your local global (they're the ones that sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses along with leather goods) boutique, or a regular boutique for more information. but be advised, certain lines can only be available in their respective sexes (ie: you can't get a taiga porte tresor wallet, and you can't get a multicolor 9-card bifold wallet, or a multicolor abbssess, or a utah speedy).