Wapity, useful, or just too small

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  1. okay folks, as i was browsing Saks last eve (because el husbando was working late and i needed something to do) i stumbled upon a live Wapity. Now, originally i thought they were a little silly. but having seen one IRL, i am DESPERATE FOR ONE. Is that silly, i mean, they are as much as the pouchette accessories and what exactly would i use mine for. Any thoughts?
  2. They are pretty cute, and some people use them like wallets or clutches. It just depends on whether or not you can par your necessities to fit into there I think. :smile:
  3. ehhh...after having one and selling it, I must say I don't miss it. Really, all I used mine for was an iPod case, and I didn't use my iPod that much. It would have been cute for a wristlet during the summer (mine was white), but I'm glad I got the cerises pochette instead.

    the wapity is too small and bulky...very fat and not compact at all. it's the cutest thing ever (i prefer it in MC) but...to each her/his own. me personally, no love lost.
  4. thanks! i'm so up in the air about it. I'm going to think over the weekend, and then make my decison. by the way, do you ever feel bad about looking at stuff in the store and then ordering online to save money on tax? i sort of feel guilty about it, b/c the sales people are so helpful.
  5. Honestly, I don't feel guilty at all. It's my hard-earned $ and I can choose to spend it any which way I choose. Sometimes I like going into the store b/c I can have immediate gratification. If I rather save some $, then I would buy online.

    I too, have been pondering buying a Wapity. I really like the MC and think it would be very cute for spring. But my logical side is getting the best of me when I think about what I would be able to fit in there. If I want more bang for my buck, I'd go w/ the pochette personally since it can hold more but that's just me.
  6. The MC Wapity is really adorable. However, you can't really put anything in there. May be a tiny fone, lipgloss and some cash... However, putting cash in there might make the interior dirty....:smile:
  7. I adore my white MC wapity. I was tired of carying around a makeup bag that was the smallest I could find, and it still being to big. So my wapity is sooo perfect. It fits all of my girly beauty items, with a little room to spare for my little ones bandaids and chapstick. I have not regrets. Very happy owner!
  8. Ranskimmie what are the measurements of it? Your is super cute.
  9. vuittonGirl, what part of VA are you located?

    I was born there, in VA Beach.
  10. me too!! I have two..the monogram and the white MC. Use them both for makeupand very compact, holds alot and just perfect size. The squareness of them holds alot. Love them both...I may buy the black one too....in case they ever stop making them.:love:
  11. I put cash, cards (about 8) & my coins+keyholder into wapity. It is very useful.
  12. It's cute but I don't see myself owning one anytime soon. I'd rather put in more $$$ for another LV bag!
  13. K - I just received mine from another PF member (a big shout-out to DenimBaggy - YEAH!!!)! I'm surprised at how much I can fit in it. I can put my phone, keys, cash, cards and a lipgloss. Definitely suits my needs. I'm sure I could ditch the keys and gloss and pop my camera in.

    BTW - mine's a black MC, I'm thinkin' I might get a white one too.
  14. :shame:
  15. oh great Cal! now i want one again. I just convinced myself that it was excessive. now that elux no longer has free shipping, i'm back on the Wapity train.