Wapity, useful, or just too small

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  1. Wow, that customizing service its great but it tooks so long and it more expensive! well, it is normally but 30% more than the price its really expensive.

    In my personal opinion i wouldn´t ask for a special product, besides the price, for example if someone look at me in a mall using a denim alma that I ordered specially 4 me, they would think its fake because the model in fact doesn´t exist. I´d love a wapity in denim but thats so much.

    Do u know what, I love this forum! at last someone understand my vuitton passion!! haha
  2. ^^ honestly that's true, but if you know in your heart that what you bought is real, why bother to care what others think of it or not? They see you for a split second and you're gone again, it's not like they see you forever and ever again.. and if they did they can ask.

    As far as denim and wapity, I'm not sure if that's even feasible.. I think I forgot to mention that limited lines can't be special ordered.. so like, last season's Cerise line couldn't have been ordered in a wapity. So for denim, I'm not sure if it can be ordered as a wapity, since it's not a sturdier material, and I'm not really sure if denim is a standard line..
  3. i bought the white mc wapity a month ago, and returned it to neiman's yesterday(never used it). i got the mc pti wallet, way more useful and it is so much prettier. if that(wapity) is going to be the only accessory you have from a particluar line, then it would be useful, but don't get it to wear with a bag you already have.
  4. unless you're a guy like myself.. then a bag i already have isn't an option.. cuz the abbesses isn't as easy to take along everywhere like a regular purse. lol.
  5. wow frozen thanks for the useful information. im thinking of getting a wapity in damier... unless they start it production soon!
  6. Geesh, small world!!! I used to live in Croatan actually. How is it looking over there?? I haven't been out to visit in over 10 yrs. My sister said the whole Tidewater area has gone down over the years, is that true?