Viviscal vitamins for hair

  1. Oh Sh&t!!!! That may explain why I have been having trouble sleeping since July :crybaby::cry:. I was just telling my doc, I can't figure out why I am having so much trouble sleeping lately.

  2. Yup sounds like it! When you cut down to 1 pill eventually it might get better. If you decide to continue with it.

    Insomnia is one of the side effects but when I google it not a whole lot comes up on it. Seems like it's not that common of a problem.
  3. Haven't tried this before, but good luck.. :smile:
  4. Does anyone know if you can take other vitamins in conjunction with Viviscal? (multivitamin, fish oil, etc?
  5. I do. I take a multi vitamin, 3 fish oil tablets and 3 flax seed oil tablets with it.

    Just saw my derm for my monthly hair injections. She felt, I didn't need as many injections and said my hair looked great.
  6. that's great! thx
  7. I have found the trick to overcoming the insomnia is to take both pills at breakfast, instead of one in the morning and one at lunch/dinner.

  8. That's good you figured that out so you didn't have to stop. I quit taking them a month ago and I'm finally sleeping normal again. Seems like my hair and nail growth has slowed down too though.
  9. I got my haircut today and the girl who cuts my hair asked if I had an undercut. I was like no? And then remembered the vitamins and it's all new hair growth. I wasn't sure if it was new hair growth or breakage from bleaching it so much a few months ago but she said its all the same length and definitely new growth. It's all along my hairline. These pills definitely work! I just wish they didn't give me insomnia. My hair growth is about an inch long now and it's super annoying because it wants to stick up and isn't long enough to lay down.
  10. Try taking both pills with breakfast. I found that has helped with the insomnia. I just realized I ran out of pills this month and need to stock up at Bed Bath and Beyond tonight. Hopefully I can use the $5 off coupon that comes in the box AND my bed bath & beyond coupons together.
  11. FYI Viviscal has raised their prices, so almost all stores have raised their prices as well.
  12. I bought 3 more boxes the other night. Bed Bath and Beyond will price match anyone. Target has the lowest price at 30.99. I printed out the target page, showed it to bed bath and beyond they matched it, then you are also allowed to use the $5 manufacture coupon on top of that (not a BBB coupon). Paid $25.99
  13. Has anyone noticed a change in the formula for Viviscal?

    The boxes I just bought say extra strength and I don't recall them saying that before (I recall they said maximum strength). I also noticed some breakouts on my jaw area, and I am wondering if it is because the Viviscal pills are different.
  14. Viviscal definitely changed the formula. I had to stop taking them, because I got really bad acne. I might start taking one a day next month, but clearing up my skin is more important right now.

    I called the company to ask about the change and they said they changed the formula over a year ago and the first pack I used could not have been the old formula. I did some research and as I suspected, some places online have the maximum strength (what I recall using with no problems) and some sell extra strength.

    I'm really bummed, because this stuff really worked for me, but I can't tolerate acne.

  15. I had the same exact problem! There is a high level of kelp/iodine in Viviscal, which can be great for hair but it also widely known to cause cystic acne and breakouts, which I experienced in a very bad way. Many hair supplements contain these ingredients so I've been carefully looking for one without them. May I ask why you are having scalp injections? Is it for severe hair loss or just to promote hair growth...?