Visionaire # 52: Did they change the miroir cover?

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  1. I was checking my Amazon account today and noticed that the Visionaire #52 that was supposed to come in a Miroir sleeve has changed into a box type thing. Is that just the outer packaging or have they dropped the Miroir altogether? Check it out at: amazon.
  2. Maybe it would be TOO expensive? price looks the same to me though...?
  3. Hmm....strange. I hope they haven't changed it!
  4. let's hope it's just the cardboard sleeve protecting the gold Mirroir portfolio :yes:
  5. only one way to find them
  6. Looks like they changed it... it's on Amazon US too. :sad:

    Does anyone have a subscription to this magazine? It seems pretty cool, and a definite collector's item...
  7. Oh god i hope not! Some one email them!!Its horrible! Its not even the miroir material is it?
  8. it is some kind of collection book by marc jacob???
  9. Oh no! I will be pretty annoyed if it isnt the miroir sleeve,
    I'm not paying over £100 for just a book :wtf:
    Owell i'm going to email them!
    I really liked the miroir sleeve!
  10. OMG I have ordered it!
  11. Oh god no! My order is officially cancelled if it's only cardboard! :sad: If someone gets a reply, please post! >_< This is awful!
  12. I cannot find a contact email on does anyone have one for them please?
  13. I just emailed them about it , and it said i should get a reply in hopefully 24hours! I will post the email here when i get it.
  14. Great! I also have a copy of the old picture on my other computer if needed, I can post it here later to compare and if helps to enclose it in the mail for amazon.
  15. omg if they changed it i'm cancelling my order! thats not fair... if i didn't know about it and later recived something totally different in the mail i'd be so angery...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.