Vintage reveal

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  1. SO lovely!!! Congratulations! I recently purchased a vintage box kelly from a Japanese vintage shop and it was in pristine condition! Enjoy your new goodies!
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  2. Both bags are terrific.. good finds & enjoy!
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  3. Thanks! I’m enjoying the black one this week already and she’s got many oohs and aahs. It’s funny because it’s mostly from my male coworkers. Lol
  4. Very cool!
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  5. The black one looks so pretty! I hope you can find more information about it! It’s always nice to learn about vintage styles :nuts:

    I did a Google search and apparently it just normally gets listed as “Cadena Lock (Kelly)” shoulder bag or something but I don’t know if that even is correct!
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  6. Oh wow, I love them both!
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  7. Thanks! Good to know I can search “Cadena Lock”. I’ve been trying to find out what the black one was called.
  8. Lovely finds! Japan is a treasure trove...
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  9. Both beautiful!
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  10. Wow the black one is truly stunning and pristine. Vintage black box at its finest!!! :congrats:
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  11. #26 Oct 25, 2019
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    Yeah, mainly it’s from the handful of other postings calling it that, for example:

    But I really don't know if that's just how they listed it (since it's the name of the lock I believe) or if that's actually the style name. I also found one that listed one with 1981 as the year, so it's an early 80s style maybe? I wish there's a way to find all old H catalogs, I would love to read through them all!
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  12. Both are wonderful but I especially love the black one.
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  13. Someone replied in the identify forum and said she has one. She said it’s called the “Kelly Lock”. Now we know! :biggrin:
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  14. The black one is a beauty
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