Victim of credit card fraud


Mar 16, 1980
So Megs and I get our two chai tea latte like we always do and go on a little ride downtown. Suddenly the phone rings, it's the bank rep asking for me.

Few minutes later I find out that someone stole my credit card information, and used it to make a $350-some dollar purchase in London this morning. WTF?!

They eventually tried to do another two significant purchases within a short time frame, which got flagged by the system and the card got blocked.

I'm so angry and I feel pretty helpless, seeing that some random dude can abuse my card without it ever having gotten out of my hands in the past 3 years. :evil:
that sucks a lot...someone at the post office in Atlanta stole my mom's new gas card when it was on the way to her a few years ago and used it a bunch of times. at gas stations in the ghetto, too. lol THAT was a major tipoff. thank god gas card limits are super low :-/

she got it all fixed up without it affecting her credit, though, so i'm sure you'll be able to do the same. good luck!
that's horrible! i had something similar happen, someone printed a fake card with my number, but amex handled everything, aside from sending me a new card and telling me about it, it was like it never happened. no worries on the credit bureau front
fashionfrenzy said:
You should probably get a copy of your credit report and check it--or at least notify the three main credit bureaus so they are aware of it.

Yes, absolutely! I am currently having to do this because of a fraudulent charge on my bank account from eBay. Worst part is, it came from my ex-boyfriend's user ID seller account! :evil: I got my money back, but I am having to open a new checking account and put a watch on my credit report for fraudulent activity.

I'm sorry this happened to you, Vlad, but that's good that your CC card noticed and took action. I hope it's all sorted out for you soon :biggrin:
Ooh I am sorry to hear that Vlad :sad2: . I know how you feel because it happened to me once last year. Someone had charged my cc for $1,300 something and the charge came from Mexico. Thank God the cc company took care of it. Still though I still remembered how horrible I feel when the cc company notified me. I felt Violated.
Same thing happened to me last March, someone took the card and made over 1000$ in charges at gas stations.. and to add further insult to injury, the credit card company kept missing one charge to be credited back into my account, that was 4 months before it was actually cleared up. The SAME card was stolen again a month afterwards, and also used for gas charges.. and since it was literally used 3 times after the number was changed, and it just so happened to be the same card, what are the odds really, it was probably an inside job. :\
What I think is that the CC numbers go somehow hacked and posted on a credit card forum, like there is tons of them on the Net. No idea how they got my card's numbers and the pin, I haven't used the pin in like 2 years.

Bastards! The rep said that they'd reimburse me and credit my account for the full fraudulent amount before the fraud dept works everything out.

All I can say is... watch your bank accounts closely.