Victim of credit card fraud

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  1. damn, thats scary :sad: I hope those bastards get whats coming to them!
  2. Vlad, I can totally empathize with you. I, too, experienced credit card fraud awhile ago. It was very scary situation especially with ID theft running rampant nowadays. I completed a police report, signed an affidavit, placed blocks on my credit files with the three reporting bureaus, and all kinds of other stuff.

    I am glad many merchants are phasing out receipts that print out the entire credit card number. With that, I suspected might have been my case, a person has all the info they need to go charge stuff online or wherever.

    Tip: If you buy something at a store that displays the entire credit card number, carry and use both a pen and marker to scratch out some of the numbers so it is difficult for someone to read it if the signed receipt is in the hands of an unauthorized individual. Yeah, some clerks may complain but I don't care. Once you experience fraud of this magnitude, you don't care who gets offended.

    Also, if you can, I suggest you get a credit card from Citibank or Discover Card that allows you to generate fake credit numbers if you are shopping online or placing orders over the phone. Once a fake credit card number is assigned and used at a merchant, that fake number cannot be used any other place. For example, if you purchase something at with fake credit number 1234567890051. Someone cannot go to and use that same number. It will get declined. It is a great innovation. For more info, go to Citibank card .
    For Discover card, go to .

    I hope everything works out for you, Vlad.
  3. ugh, so sorry Vlad! I hope it all works out quickly!
  4. It's a jungle out there!
  5. So soory to hear that. It's a nightmare for everyone. Although your CC company takes care of everything but I bet it alarmed you from now on which we can all do without since life is stressful as it is.

    Thanks for letting us know, so we will keep an eye on our account and statements at all time.
  6. I definitely agree with some people that you should file a police report, and check notify all three credit bureaus, and check your credit report. I lost my wallet (with my SSN card) a while ago and it was really frightening.
  7. How terrible, even though you will be justly compensated, it's such a violation!
  8. Same thing happened to me to in September, somebody went shopping in Italy with my MC for about $2500 (wish it were me...). But the credit card company people were extremely alert, called to ask if it was me shopping, then cancelled the card and all credited all amounts to my account.

    Turns out somebody skimmed (is this the right word?) my card when I used in a restaurant and didn't have it under my eye. The bank advised me to very vigilant when using the card and eye the actions of the sales person or whatever - the idea being that if I'm alert they will notice and refrain from skimming it.
  9. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the credit card company filed a police report as they are the injured party. I did not have to do anything but sign a form that I did not make the purchases, and that I had been reimbursed.
  10. that happened to a friend of mine in a restaurant, except that it was during high school and it was her first card exclusively in her name, so the theif didn't get away with much - the limit was like $500, haha.
  11. something similar happened to me a few years back.. what i don't understand is how they didn't catch it because it was about 4 years ago and i was still 18 and someone opened up 5 different cell phone lines under my social security #!!
  12. I am sooo sorry to hear that Vlad! Good thing they contacted you, though. That happened to my mother like a year ago. Well, they stole her identity. Believe me we the whole family went through sooo much. We had to go to the police and all. My gosh. I hope everything works out well for you.
  13. Oh man ... do I know the feeling well, sadly!

    I use my AMEX for a lot of travel expenses, so it can run up pretty high. However, when I happened to be home (out of work because of a botched surgery), I all of a sudden get an AMEX bill of $12,500 - YIKES!!!

    When I looked at the charges (plane tickets ... all originating at LAX ... hello??!! ... I live in Boston?!?!), I immediately called AMEX. I must say, they were great about it. I didn't have to pay a dime, they put their Fraud Department on it immediately and ended up finding the thiefs (who got it from a LA store that I had called to order special lenses for my glasses!!!).

    You have to be so careful nowadays ... it's such a hassle. Sorry to hear that you had to go through this too!
  14. My identity was stolen, but it was my driver's license. Never a ticket in 20 years and all of a sudden my license is suspended. Fainted in the front yard when I got that notification. Worked with the police to find the theif. This heifer had the NERVE to sit down next to me when I went to court to prove it wasn't me. She found my license after my credit union gave it to someone else by accident and they threw it out and she found it. Still having a hard time clearing my driving record of one charge, but she ended up getting three years probation.
  15. Credit card forum?? :blink:

    Woooow.. never hear of that one before! :wacko: :blink: