Very silly question but...

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Feb 28, 2010
Bay Area
I bought my first LV today with my husband. The only bag they had that I wanted was the floor model according to the sales lady. The bag looked great though so we bought it.

I am a little paranoid that somebody could have switched out the floor model with a fake. I would not know either, as I don't know how to spot a fake.
I have no judgment on people that have fakes, but I would feel really bad if we spent $$$$$ on this and it was a fake.

^^^This would never happen right?

We bought the bag from the Louis Vuitton store in Valley Fair Mall/Westfield Mall in Santa Clara, CA.

Also, I am unable to upload pics of the bag from my iphone, says the pics are too large?

Thanks, probably really silly right?
Jan 25, 2007
Don't worry about it! There is so much security at LV and so many employees it would be very difficult for this to happen. Once you spend the money on your "precious" bag it is easy to get paranoid because of the anticipation and cost!


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Oct 19, 2005
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Try this thread for further help with photos -

The best way to calm your fears is to post your pictures here -

And I would find it hard to believe that a store would knowingly sell a fake - they have a reputation to protect, and also have to justify the premium that they charge versus someone going out and buying a slightly used bag. :yes:
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