Vert d'eau vs. seafoam?

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  1. I'm just curious abt both colors. I've already seen vert d'eau (seagree) and it's beautiful IMO.:P

    However, i've never seen seafoam IRL. Do u think it's similar? Is it much different b/t both colors? Which one would u choose?

    Anyone has the pic of two colors in comparison??? Plsss posttt...:yahoo:

  2. There are pics of the two together, I think rollergirl posted them. Search for her name, then search posts by her.

    I have not seen the Vert D'eau, but Seafoam has the silver hardware, and I just adore the pale greenblue against the pewter hardware! So for me, I would choose the Seafoam, but they can be hard to find, with Vert D'eau, you are getting a new bag and there is pleasure in that as well!

    If you like the colour of Vert D'eau, then go for it!

    I wish you well,

  3. Here it is:

  4. Gorgeous collection! I think the pistachio is my favorite followed by the vert d'eau.
  5. I want them all! :P

    I love the seafoam - the silver HW is just sooo gorgeous w/the color. It was the one I wanted, but my friend informed me I'd be paying well over retail for a used one off ebay (if I found one at all) & rec'd to just go with the Vert D'Eau. I'm so happy she suggested it cause I'm absolutely in love with the color :smile: I think with whatever you decide upon you'll be happy!
  6. I love both seafoam and vert d'eau. Unless you get really lucky, most seafoam bags you find now will be used, maybe at least a little dirty (it's a light color), and darkened from use. That happens with seafoam. You have to ask yourself whether you are willing to pay a premium for a used seafoam.

    The vert d'eau bags I've seen and bought (2 -- eek) have had very, very nice leather. And they are wonderfully clean and new.
  7. Me too!! Such pretty colors ... reminds me of the ocean.
  8. I would choose the seafoam. I absolutely love that colour!! I was lucky to find a brand new one a few weeks back. The vert de eau is beautiful too:yes:

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  9. ^oh. my. goodness

    :drool: :nuts: :wtf:

    she is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love the seafoam so much - the color & that SH is just perfection IMO. How on earth did you find an authentic NEW one?

  10. wowww how lucky u r:nuts:

    yeahhh seafoam definitely gets my vote...however, i myself don't wanna pay such a premium price for used one. yep may be seagreen is the best way out!!!:yes:

    btw, million thanks for collection pic. they r wonderfulll:yahoo: and i want them all too:drool:
  11. it.:heart: :heart: Gorgeous Colour...
  12. Wow the comparison pic really shows all the different greens to perfection!
  13. If I got a first in vert d'eau is it anything similar to seafoam? Does anyone have pics of both so I can see the differences? How is the leather on the vert, is it veiny or really distressed? :smile:
  14. Let me be the first to tell you that the leather on every vert d'eau is insane! I love mine, it is buttery and smooth. I get compliments every time I carry it. I'LL POST PICS FOR YOU.
  15. [​IMG]