Vernis Bedford in Bronze or Perle?

  1. Hi Ladies! I am relatively new here to the forum, but have been lurking around for the past week or so! I have been drooling over many of your collections and have been "inspired" to add to mine as well :graucho:
    I am considering the vernis bedford as my next piece. I am equally in love with bronze and perle, although noisette could be considered as well. I love the other candy colors too, but I think these would be the most sensible choices as far as matching with more outfits.
    I'm aware of the color transfer issues and maintenance of this line, but I have my heart set on the bedford so now please help me decide on the color!
    The perle would of course be easier to attain, since bronze is DC'ed and i'm a bit wary of ebay for authenticity issues.
    Any suggestions??? Pictures would help so much too! I own the monogram papillon 30, I am assuming they are the same size? I'm 5'6.
  2. yes the Bedford is the same size as the Papillon 30; you can see the measurements on eLuxury. if it's just on a whim, get the Perle. if it's for more frequent use, then the Bronze would be more practical.

    here's my Perle Bedford. i'm 5'4". and you can see many more pictures if you look in the Visual Aids sticky too.
    bedford 001.jpg bedford 002.jpg bedford 003.jpg
  3. Do you say on a whim because the Perle is more delicate than bronze? I tend to rotate my bags often and vernis would probably get the least use anyway :smile:
  4. something like that :lol:. it's not a very practical color to have, and i've only used it twice since i got it
  5. Oh geez... I hope I get more use out of it than that! But it is a gorgeous bag on you, and your picture in the visual aids was actually what started this whole thing in the first place! Are you planning on adding any bronze to your collection?
  6. thank you :love:!

    i haven't thought of any bronze pieces yet, but i've been wanting a Tompkins Square for a while now, and the only color i see on eBay so far is the Bronze :girlsigh:
  7. I like the bronze bedford; the perle is gorgeous, but not nearly as versatile.
  8. Bronze for sure:graucho:
  9. Bronze - I like the color better and it won't show discoloration or marks as much as Perle would.
  10. I am in love with the Perle color, definately get something in Perle. A reade perhaps?
  11. Cute... but the bedford is definitely more "me". I rarely carry anything in a tote style, not to mention I don't do very many shoulder bags. I like my purses to have interesting shapes or designs, just weird like that I guess...:shrugs:
  12. Bronze. I'd worry about color transfer on the perle.
  13. Bronze I think
  14. Both are gorgeous but I personally think that perle looks better with light vachetta while bronze will look better with darker vachetta... :P
  15. Both colors are very nice, but I would go with the bronze.