Vernilover's Big Book of Pictures!

  1. Amazing!!!!!!!
  2. Wow! Awesome collection and great pics!!!! Love it!!!!
  3. Wow, talk about over consumption of luxury goods...

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  4. Just bumping up this amazing thread!
  5. My dear you are a very stylish lady, Truely breathtaking collection
  6. I think you may possibly be one of the luckiest girls on the planet! An exquisite collection indeed 😊
  7. Hoping OP would come back and update some more.

    I'd like to see how the closet turned out.
  8. Your collection is amazing!!!!! And the jeweleries .....TDF!! U took great pictures of your bags in action. If you ever get that Big Book of Pictures published, I'll be the first in line to buy it!
  9. Hello

    Yes i had seen one of these sites about 3 years ago and found it very interesting. Oh yes please try to consolidate your threads, posts, pictures.

    Take care and thank you for your great information :cool:
  10. Your collection is the most beautiful ever! Everything in it is so precious. I adore it! :yahoo:
  11. Amazing collection, enjoy in great Health and happiness
  12. a little late to the gawking party and OMG.... what eye candy.
  13. Love your collection!!!! you have such great taste!! All timeless and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you come back and share more! :girlsigh::yahoo:
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    omg! omg! omg! everything is tdf! amazing collection... :smile: the most beautiful collections indeed....
  15. I do wish she'd come back! The collection is so AMAZING :drool: