VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. When an item has very limited availability it will sometimes be on the website but it may or may not be available for purchase. You will have to see if your sales associate can locate one for you. Good luck!
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  2. Thanks! Are they going to stop making it?
  3. honored...
  4. I don’t have any special information, but 2 members have posted recently that their SAs have tracked down the last pieces in letterwood for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few pieces left somewhere, because that has been my experience with other items that were said to be sold out, so it’s certainly worth asking your SA to search for you. Hopefully others can answer your question about whether more will be produced in the future.
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  5. Hi! I’m have a 20 in mother of pearl and thinking to buy a two ten in ónix,. I m a little worried about the clasps showing, does that bother you? The idea of having two ten looks really versatile and fun! Thanks!!
  6. Thanks! Yes, I'm waiting for more feedback from other members.
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  7. My SA said that they don't usually announce that they are discontinuing a line, but the supply will start to dwindle until there are very few or no pieces left to be found. And that is how they are able to tell. It seems to her like the letterwood line is likely going to be discontinued. When she checked last week there were no bracelets left, only one pair of earrings, but there seem to be quite a few magic pendants.
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  8. I’ve had a similar experience. Maybe a year ago I was told that the letterwood pieces would be running out sooner rather than later. I passed at the time, but the thought kinda hung out in the back of my mind.

    When it comes down to it for me, I need in my collection a pg vintage Alhambra necklace and I don’t want the plain pink gold. I could SO, but quite honestly, it should be a neutral and the only SO that makes sense would be gmop. Visually, letterwood is really not so much different to me than the gmop, and very close to onyx when it darkens, so financially and in terms of my planned collection it just makes the most sense.
  9. If a pg VA letterwood existed in the 10 motif would that tempt you, or do you prefer the 20? And why, if you are up for sharing? I’m interested in these considerations as I build my collection!

    I also am not interested in the plain pink gold for a VA necklace and I think letterwood is a great neutral. How does the wood darken over time? Mostly from exposure to oils in your skin, water, etc? Wondering how much I will need to baby the pieces I pick up and also how to achieve the patina/color I desire without damaging them.
  10. Very good decision imo!
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  11. If Letterwood is being discontinued, I wonder if it'll get more valuable.
  12. Does anyone have a picture of a 10 motif necklace worn together with the magic bracelet (as a necklace). Would love to see the look.
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  13. me too !
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  15. A 10 motif is fine, but I’d like more motifs as I want the versatility of the longer length. I tend to go for high-impact jewelry or it gets lost on me. The only 10 motif I could see myself carrying is the Malachite. Plain PG would probably just get lost on me.

    I just changed my hair color from red to pink and this is even more necessary now. For now the pink is very bright and I need to rethink my wardrobe, too. Over time we will be able to soften it as my colorist wanted to maintain my healthy hair and had to weave in the bleach so there is still a lot of red for now, so I’m hoping eventually for something a bit softer but I can’t go too light.

    I’m not sure how the wood darkens but I’ve seen it after and just love it. Like onyx but just a bit softer.

    ETA: posting a pic of me in the “in action” thread so you can see what I mean about the pink hair and jewelry disappearing on me