Varying Monogram Canvas "Sheen"s on LV bags?

  1. I recently purchased a Speedy 30 from eBay and bought it for close to retail but figured I saved a little something and the leather would be even closer to turning but still be like-new.
    So I get it in the mail and I seriously thought it was a fake! The canvas looked totally different from my other Speedy, my 25! (and that's also my only other Louis Vuitton piece!)
    The canvas lacks this certain sheen that my Speedy 25 and all other LV bags that I have seen... the Authenticate This thread I have had it be authenticated and even for more reassurance I paid a fee at MyPoupette to authenticate it for me and it checks out fine!

    Anyway, does anyone else's LV pieces have this almost "matted" look to their canvas?

    Here is a comparison picture of what I'm talking about. It doesn't seem to be as highly contrasted and it's like the monogram is also missing a bit of a golden tone, on top of being a bit matted looking overall.

    Anyone else's pieces like this?? Is this something specific to the Speedy 30 and upward? I did get one response about it like where it was made and everything but I can't get over this... I am still so surprised.
    2.jpg 5.jpg
  2. I think it gets like that when its older, because my speedy & cles are alot less shiny than my brand new Neverfull ?? I dont know really know why, but I definitely know what youre talking about!
  3. The canvas on my carryall that is about 6 months old looks like the one on your 30. The canvas on your 25 looks weird to me. I think with age it has more sheen. the yellow really pops out...
  4. hmmm.., i also think its with age
  5. It's weird though because the 25 is much older than the 30. I definitely see it in older LV's but they are so old... and this 30 is fairly new so I'm really surprised.
  6. My BV and speedy 25 aren't as shiny as my others, but the canvas on my other bags aren't as smooth and shiny as your 25.
  7. My new tivoli pm is the same way. I applied some Apple Leather conditioner and it really help give her some softness and sheen!
  8. So that does go on the canvas as well? The previous owner of the 25 said she put that on it. I'm wondering if that's what is giving it such a sheen that I am used to now.
    Is your LV that you applied it to now similar to my 25? I just love that sheen... it's my first LV and it's what I'm so used to, I just love it.
  9. My Vavin is completely dull and has no sheen in comparison to my other mono bags. I even asked LV if they have any type of conditioner for the canvas but they said no =( Also the LV letters on my BH are a slightly different color than my other mono's.
  10. Since I have only bought mine from LV boutiques, there is no question to their authenticity and yes there are differences in sheen, even thickness of the canvas from one bag to the other. Even the brown lining, sometimes has a sparkle and sometimes does not. Think it is just the difference in the dye lots on the canvas and the coating.
  11. All of my mono items differ in sheen and vibrance of the monogram. But it definitely seems like the older the item or the more it's used, the more the monogram starts to fade. I kind of like the faded look on bigger items (like bags), but like it vibrant on smaller items.
  12. I think it has to do with age. My speedy 25 (had it for 3 years) had more sheen than my mom's speedy (about a year old) and my friend's speedy (a month old).
  13. I know my CB papillon is definatley more matte than any of my other mono pieces. It must be just when the canvas was made...different batches...small differences in finishes.
  14. it looks like you bought an older speedy and the previous owner had all the vachette replaced.
  15. I've seen differences in the store, so I don't know if it has to do with it being older. My SA said it's different batches.