Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra necklace

  1. Does anyone happen to have one...Ive been looking at the Alhambra collection--the vintage and magic alhambras specifically--trying to decide which one I liked best.

    I think I decided on the magic alhambra necklace that comes in white, grey and black opal and onyx...

    I just wanted to see if any VC&A fans out there love their pieces, find it easy to care for...etc

    The one I want is about 32 inches long or so, maybe longer...I'm terrible at measurements but you can definitely double it up and its still decently long

    Not sure if anyone knows what I'm talking about...

  2. I know what you are talking about... I love Vancleef, they have georgous pieces...regarding your question, Alhambra magic has different clover sizes and they come in white, grey mother of pearl and onyx.
    Alhambra vintage comes in 1 size clovers and in various materials...
    I have the vintage 20 motif necklace in tiger eye and vintage white mother of pearls earrings besides other pieces from other lines...I :heart::heart:all my pieces and i take good care of them, i store each in a zipper bag ( don't want them to scratch ) and i avoid perfume and lotions on them...
    Good luck and let me know what you get...
  3. ^^ thanks vancleef fan, I take it from your username you know a bit about their line =)

    i think im going to order the magic alhambra today....i just like the length and how i can double it up and it looks like two necklaces...

    price wise i was considering going with 2 vintage alhambras, one in black and one in white...and i could wear them as one necklace clipped together or separately layered but i think the magic alhambra won me over...ive been contemplating those options since earlier this year but wanted to take my time since its quite a large investment...(for me anyhow)

    do they give you a nice case/storage bag for it though...i would think they would so you wouldnt have to put it in a ziplock bag...

    and how do you care for you polish it often or ever had to bring it in to VC&A to get cleaned, etc...
  4. ^^actually its coming today!!! to my office, the manager was even so nice to directly bring it to me as I was too busy to stop by her shop
  5. They come in a nice box. They also have travel bags for it.

    I don't do anything to mine. I wear one of my necklaces everyday.
  6. Please post pics. I would love to see how they look on you. They are such pretty pieces;)
  7. They come in nice light green leather boxes, the reason i keep my pieces in individual small zipper bags to portect them from scratching each other because i put them in my jewelry box not in their original boxes
  8. oh wow i didnt know they had travel bags--I should ask for one...mine came in a box which was flat like a fat envelope i guess...and it was in a plastic bag of its own...and inside the box was another case, soft with some structure and it opens out like an envelope and 2 straps hold the necklace in place...

    The manager of VC&A delivered it to me at work yesterday--needless to say it is STUNNING and im already giddy to wear it

    will post pics when i get the many things to post pics of and so little time :sweatdrop:
  9. I adore VCA! Please post pics of yours soon....Love mine!
  10. Sorry for the delay in pics...

    finally got time to sit down and take pics of it =)



  11. Oh wow, so beautiful in action! Have you tried layering it yet? I love that necklace! Your presents are TDF!:drool:
  12. Wow!! That is a beautiful necklace. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for it?
  13. ahh i love it. i really want the studds to it. i cnt find a pic anywhere
  14. i would love the alhambra in coral. but i heard it's discontinued. is that true, does anyone know?
  15. Hi Pazt, as far as i know the Alhambra necklaces and bracelets are made with Carnelian not coral.
    This is a pic of the bracelet[​IMG]
    with carnelian.