Valentine’s reveal

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  1. So sweet!
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  2. If you didn’t already know it, Mr Dawn is a keeper!
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  3. Indeed, you don’t need to say more! Thank you so much!

    Good husband lessons... I’ll tell him that! Thank you!

    Thank you very much :biggrin:

    Thank you :flowers:

    Thank you!

    Indeed, I know. Thank you very much :biggrin:
  4. Very sweet of him! Congrats!
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  5. Thanks for sharing! What beautiful gifts. You are very lucky. Love them all.
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  6. I love everything, Miss Dawn! It’s all so beautiful, and very thoughtful of Mr. Dawn :heart:. I really like how there’s a little bit of everything, from Louis Vuitton to nibbles!
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  7. This. I will be married for 10 years this December and the Mr and I don’t celebrate or do gift exchanges for any holiday. So I take it upon myself and head to LV :biggrin: my mother always said not to rely on anyone but yourself to make you happy.
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  8. +1
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  9. Well done Mr Dawn :tup:
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  10. Thank you!

    Yes, I feel very lucky and happy; thank you for sharing my enjoyment :flowers:

    Very important to bring the nibbles :lol:
    Yes, it was very thoughtful. Thank you, my friend :smile: I hope you're well. I'm hoping for a bouquet on the day itself - my garden has nothing blooming!!

    Have fun at LV :biggrin: Agreed, you have to primarily rely on yourself for happiness :smile:

    Thank you!
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  11. Good morning, Miss Dawn! I’m doing well but we’re caught in a bit of a snowfall so debating which bag to take to work today! My garden is under snow snow but the day before I saw one brave golden crocus bud. Poor thing is covered now.

    I hope for flowers for you on the big day. I’ll be away on Valentine’s Day for work so hopefully Mr. ML will remember when I get back!
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  12. Can your husband give my husband lessons?!?! Mine is so clueless and it is so sweet that your DH wrapped all those great presents. I am in that "no card club" too.
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  13. Wow - congrats! Amazing vday gifts all around! ❤️❤️❤️
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  14. Congrats - now that's what I call a present!
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  15. Thank you all very much :flowers:

    @musiclover, safe travels and I hope you have a bouquet awaiting you when you get home :hugs:

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