Utterly ridiculous... what I spent my 25% on

  1. Hi everyone-

    Keep in mind I often overspend with the thought that someone will likely go back. I spent more than an hour trying to figure out what the hell to get.

    I started to get a Bleeker Hobo (medium) and even a Lily in Black (with 25% off who could resist).

    However, in the end I settled on

    1) Bleecker SHopper in Black
    2) Felicia SLim Duffle in British Tan (shown in reply)
    3) Tattersall ponytail scarf
    4) Pink/Nickel 3/4" bracelet
    5) Valet signature (White/Silver) keychain
    6) Marian boots in Chestnut

    My friend bought a Tattersall Travel Tote, and three wristlets for Christmas gifts.
    Tattersall Scarf.jpg Pink Signature Bracelet.jpg Valet Keychain.jpg Shopper with stuff.jpg Shopper.jpg
  2. Wow! What a day! ^^;

    Love it all! Wish I gotten a card. T_T
  3. Here is the Felicia Duffle

    Note: in the Shopper and Duffle I showed the following items

    1) TI-84 calculator
    2) Samsung Q1 Ultra computer w/keyboard
    3) Tattersall makeup bag
    4) Tattersall wristlet
    5) Patchwork Wristlet
    Felicia with extender.jpg Felicia with stuff.jpg
  4. Oh, pretty! Can you take a modeling pic with the Felicia? I'm curious about the size on a real person! Great choices!
  5. You did great with that 25% discount! I love the whole Tattersall theme you've got going on there!
  6. Great stuff! Love the bracelet too! Didn't know they allowed the 25% off on the jewelry.
  7. Love love love it all!:tup:
  8. I just love everything you purchased. Great choices! Congrats on everything!
  9. Maybe it is just me, but I have NEVER had them tell me I couldn't apply the 25% to everything I have tried to purchase!
  10. See below
    Modeling with Felicia.jpg Modeling with Felicia2.jpg Modeling with Felicia from back.jpg
  11. Great Haul!!:tup:
  12. I LOVE, LOVE the Felicia!!! I am so jealous that your Coach store had the Lily!! I'm thinking about getting one before they are all gone even though I know they are big and heavy! Love the shopper too, I just got mine and its a great bag. I have to say you have amazing taste! Very similar to what I like. I want to look for some boots but I'm afraid my calves won't fit in them. Congrats on such a great day!
  13. Hi-

    Actually I JUST returned the extra Lily (Whiskey) I purchased (long story) to the Novi (in Michigan). Maybe you could do a phone order. That was last night at 8pm.

    I have the scarf rubber boots from summer '06 and my calves are fine, but I tried to buy the new ones in signature and even a 9 didn't fit. The boots I bought are lace-up so they actually fit!

    Whiskey is completely sold out and they can order you a Black one now (for Lily)
  14. Coachfreak, love your new items!! Great choices!
  15. So... much... stuff!! *lol* I love the bracelet especially!!