USPS Won't Scan My Packages - Frequently lost

  1. I am sooooo fed up with the post office. I have been shipping out the more expensive bags with FedEx but I'm pretty sure that I am DONE with the post office all together!

    My local post office ( the closest one to me ), will not scan my Express packages, either domestic or international. I've stood in line and told them that several have been lost and asked them to scan them. The refused and said they don't have to scan them because all Express are guaranteed! What kind of reasoning is that?

    I called the regional Post Master and he said they don't have a procedure to scan them when I drop them off already labeled. He said they get scanned either when they leave the country or when they are delivered. So, what happens in between the post office and where it is scanned? He doesn't know either. Keep in mind, this is the regional Post Master (manager of 3 post offices).

    So, I call my States Express Mail Unit and they tell me to call Consumer Affairs. Consumer Affairs tells me to call the Express Mail Unit. Ummm, OK :confused1:

    Eventually the Consumer Affairs lady told me she would call me back. 30 minutes later she calls and tells me says she called my post office and they all said they scan all express mail packages. SURE THEY DO.

    Well, today my Express package, still not scanned or delivered is going to get me ANOTHER complaint to paypal.

    Does anyone else have this kind of problem?

    For now I am done with USPS - FedEx ONLY until I write some letters and talk to someone that can make a change. I have like 4 lost packages now all within a couple months out of 2 years selling on eBay.:tdown:
  2. Do you print your labels online with paypal or USPS website? If you do you can print a scan sheet that the PO will scan and it shows the date and time that delivered it to the P.O.
  3. Ship them with insurance. That way it will be USPS paying for them if they are lost.
  4. USPS is pretty sketchy sometimes and I'm surprised you haven't had any trouble with Fed Ex because I had a lot of issues with them. Have you tried UPS yet? I do believe they can be a little more costly but from my experience, they have been consistently reliable in terms of delivering on time and their tracking is updated consistently. They've never lost a package I shipped or was shipped to me yet.
  5. USPS is sometimes frustrating, but I don't like UPS or FedEx much either. UPS just leaves stuff on my porch == they don't even try to ring the bell etc even if the front door is open because I am waiting for them. FedEx, on the other hand, won't leave anything and only come in the middle of the day. This usually means I have to drive 30 minutes to the depot to pick up my stuff.
  6. Wow, that says everything I was going to say! I HAAAATE when UPS leaves stuff randomly on my porch, because there is someone home nearly 24 hours a day. Grrr! FedEx is annoying too because I have to shlep to the depot and it's really hard to get to--but at least they don't lose my stuff or leave it outdoors in plain view/at the mercy of the elements.

    As for the initial issue--I would just not print out the postage at home anymore if that were the situation I were in. That way, they have to scan it when they accept it for delivery, and they will stop losing your stuff. Yes, it takes a little more time, but really it's better than having angry buyers and missing items.
    I am SURE you're insuring these items, yes?
  7. my local po won't scan when i print my labels online either. very frutrating. i ask but they won't do it. i think it's stupid but i gave up fighting with them. the truth is i insure and use dc or sig conf on everything and my po usually gets my packages out in record time. i wish i had better advice to you! if they won't scan and things are getting lost i might try and only ship through the po for a while.
  8. I agree, USPS is not the way to go. Even when returning items from stores that give you a prepaid label they have given me a hard time about getting any kind of receipt (god forbid if a pair of Louboutins were lost), some of them give a receipt and then others swear they "can't do that". I did call Neiman's and supposedly they do have isnurance but it still makes me uneasy to leave it blindly in USPS's hands!!UPS and Fedex are good...
  9. The last few times that I've used USPS, they wouldn't scan the labels that I purchased online. They used to back then from what I remember. I don't know why they would change this policy because then as sellers we do not have any proof that the package was mailed out! For less valuable items, I'd stick with USPS simply because they provide the best rates. For more expensive items, I'd probably go with UPS!

    I used to sell my used textbooks online. Amazon/ requires you to mail them via media mail. USPS has lost THREE of my textbooks. Talk about unreliable!
  10. I always purchase delivery confirmation and insurance and they scan them right away.
  11. I noticed this also. Last week I sent a pair of nearly $1000 Louboutin shoes overseas and specifically asked for it to be scanned so it can be tracked throughout so the buyer wouldnt be freaking out as many do because USPS never shows up on the tracking system until delivered. They also told me they cannot do it. I couldn't get a receipt or anything. I wonder if this is because they give you a discounted rate via online shipping labels and the discount becomes less justified when you still are using a clerks time at the counter. Using UPS and FedEx for overseas shipping was like $50 or more higher than USPS. So going forward if I want to use UPS or FedEx for better tracking I have started just incorporating it into my listing price and make it a 'free' shipping listing because when int'l buyers see the UPS/FedEx shipping price they balk at it and ask for USPS. It sucks for buyers that it has to be this way but if I am paying for tracking it is useless if it doesn't post until way into the shipping process when it is delivered.
  12. USPS SUCK !!!!!!
    They loose your stuff and refuse to be held accountable !!! Then they threaten you with mail fraud !!!!
    You call and complain- it takes 30 minutes to get through to someone on the 800 #, then they listen to you grip and appear to empathize with you - then refer you to consumer affairs- 7-10 days later you get a letter from them -
    and still nothing has been resolved !!!
  13. Hi. I sold Eagles/Dallas Tickets 2 weeks ago for $840 and the post office lost them. Shipped PM with insurance. Buyer was a broker so when the Eagles lost, he wanted his $$$ back. All the label said was the label was printed.

    So I had to refund the buyer and now that the Eagles lost 2 games I am not going to get near as much for them. They showed up at the buyer's yest but he is shipping them back.

    No idea where the darn tickets were for 2 weeks. They were going from PA to NJ by PM with Sig & Insurance.
  14. The same thing just happened to me as well. I printed an USPS shipping label and dropped the package to the post office a couple weeks ago. It hasn't been delivered till yesterday. Online tracking says a shipping label was printed but hasn't been scanned yet. I printed out the PayPal shipping receipt with tracking number and went to the post office yesterday. I explained to the clerk what happened and asked them why the package I personally delivered to their office but shows no record online. He checked his computer and told me they received the package. They have internal record showed the package was scanned before they dispatched. He told me to wait a few more days and can file a claim. Luckily I insured the package.

    I would suggest always insure packages if you worry they will get lost. If a package was not delivered, go to the post office in personal instead calling the useless 800 number.

    our shipping options are! SO TRUE! I guess we can't win no matter how we ship. I wonder if DHL can offer all the things we don't like about everyone else? I've tried to contact them but I was interested in opening an account and was directed to an account manager who has been anything but punctual in returning my calls. So maybe DHL's only con is the lack of interest in signing up new customers?