UPS Enticing Buyers To Have Packages Held for PickUp Instead of Delivered


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Apr 15, 2016
UPS is running a promotion that rewards shoppers for using package pickup, specifically, UPS Access Point locations. “Last mile delivery” to residential addresses is expensive and comes with challenges (porch package theft, apartment building deliveries).

There are nearly 9,000 UPS Access Point locations where recipients can pick up their UPS packages, including The UPS Store locations and local businesses.

To encourage people to use pick-up locations to pick up UPS packages, the company is running a promotion through January 11, 2019.

To participate, consumers must be enrolled in UPS My Choice, a free service enabling more than 52 million current members worldwide to manage their deliveries. To begin earning rewards, members should log in and select the most convenient UPS Access Point location as their preferred alternate delivery location.

More information about the promotion:

Until January 11, 2019, members with eligible package deliveries will be rewarded with up to $10 that can redeemed for a Target eGiftCard and up to three free months of UPS My Choice Premium service, which offers upgraded delivery options.

Rewards are offered for the first, third and fifth eligible packages delivered to a UPS Access Point location via a customer’s UPS My Choice preference. The first earns one free month of UPS My Choice Premium membership. On the third package, members will earn a $5 reward. The fifth package receives an additional $5 reward, plus two additional months of UPS My Choice Premium membership. (The three months of membership are valued at $10.)

In January of 2019, an e-mail with instructions to redeem rewards will be distributed to the member’s e-mail address on file with UPS. The reward will be available on the UPS My Choice Deals site, which was launched this year to provide consumers with deals and offers. The cash reward will be in the member’s account and must be redeemed for a Target eGiftCard that can be redeemed electronically or in the store. The UPS My Choice Premium membership will be distributed as a redeemable code. Existing members of UPS My Choice Premium will be credited for one or three additional months. Finally, the reward will expire six weeks after receipt of the redemption e-mail.

More information and the terms and conditions can be found on the UPS website.


Mar 29, 2006
File under Honey, I Shrunk the Mission Statement

"United Parcel Service is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. The global logistics company is headquartered in the U.S. city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is a part of the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area." Wikipedia
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May 23, 2009
OMG, I thought they were a delivery service.

I can't complain too much because 2 years ago UPS managed to deliver my Christmas presents in the middle of 'nowhere', up a mountain, in a snow blizzard, 24 Dec. Having said that, Gucci was their customer and I was just Gucci's.

Seems such a backward step. Obviously too big.
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Mar 14, 2006
I think UPS did this to me and I didn't request it or want it. What happened:

One attempt was made to deliver a package from Fashionphile that required a sig. I am currently on crutches (broken fibula but not the end of the world, more like a horrible sprain so I am moving slowly) so I got to my door to see the brown truck driving away. There was a note left on my door with the worst scribble--boxes checked then scribbled out, an address where I could pick up my package that I could not read.

I called the access place in one town over from me the next day, they said yes, they had gotten the pkg but ONLY I could pick it up OR SOMEONE that had my last name (ID required) or someone that lived at my address (I live alone).

I called UPS Corporate (or the number the access place said was corporate) and they assured me that my pkg would be picked up from access place and another delivery attempt made. This did not happen.

They also said that FP specified that only one delivery attempt be made then take the pkg to the access place for customer pickup. I called FP and they said they never said to do this, that they expect at least 2 delivery attempts, so UPS lied.

To add to this--UPS tracking said the package was to be delivered on a Friday, then on Thursday I got an email notification saying that "due to conditions", the delivery would be delayed until the next delivery day (I assumed they meant Monday). There were no bad weather conditions AND the package was sitting one county away from me. Then on Saturday, when the one delivery attempt was made, I had gotten, but not yet read, an email notification from UPS saying that my pkg would be delivered that day (Sat) between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. The attempted delivery came before 9 a.m. I would have been up and waiting if I had known.

This is not the first screw up UPS had made, I wish people would stop using them to ship stuff. I did finally get to the access place and got my package and it is wonderful.

I expect a delivery to be made to my address, not for me to drive 5 miles over and then wait in line. Another thing--later that Friday night, I DID get a UPS delivery, it was tossed at my front door, no doorbell or knock (I saw the UPS truck driving away). And recently a neighbor got a pkg from UPS put in her mailbox, no doorbell or knock either. Maybe we've just got a loser delivery driver.
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Jul 27, 2018
I can see the pros and cons of this from both ways. I think it could be useful for some customers who live in high theft areas or for surprise gifts/ things that they don't want husbands to see. It would be easier to just pick up the box rather than explain to the husband how much it cost! Lol
But I worry about the sellers. I've read so many horror stories here about sellers being ripped off that this concerns me. I wouldn't want a seller to lose their protection because the delivery address was changed so I'm not sure how that would work.
Sep 13, 2007
In order to be able to pick up your package from a UPS Access Point locker you need to sign up for their "My Choice" service...which costs $40 per year at least according to one page I read on the UPS site and an e-mail I received from UPS. Although another page on the site says that the service is currently free. For the time being. They will probably increase the cost once they get a certain number of subscribers like Amazon did with Prime.

My Choice currently allows you to reroute your packages to other addresses.