Upgraded wedding band?

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  1. My original band matches the ering. I want something different and slightly upgraded. And thank you! I do love my ering!
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  2. Thank you all for the opinions. I could definitely wear it as a right hand ring as well.
  3. Thank you!
  4. Definitely can take my time and still look!
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  5. That’s my thought as well!
  6. Oh ok, got you. I would maybe do an eternity band and wear it on the right hand as a stand-alone piece.
  7. Could we see your original band? What about having a second band made that matches it to wear above your ring?
  8. Yes! Sorry for the delay I have been traveling for work and just looking at PF now. [​IMG]
  9. I’m sorry, I am no help at all because your original set it beautiful. I think a second band that mirrors your wedding ring to go on the other side of your engagement ring would be beautiful and keep to the style of your e ring.
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  10. Thank you everyone for your input. I’m still so torn. I rarely wear my wedding band, so that’s part of why I want to get something larger so I would maybe wear it more.
  11. You might want to consider buying a new band and wearing it without your engagement ring. You can wear your ering on your right hand.
  12. I’m still so torn. I love my e ring and always wear it. The band just doesn’t have tha same pizzazz
  13. I like the look of your original band. A larger one or an additional one that matches the current band will make your Ering look smaller. If you want another band why not get one for the right hand or for when you don’t want to wear the Ering? What bothers you about your current band? Is it diamond quality or that it is not quite the same as the shank on the Ering? Then just replace it to match the shank....I just wouldn’t go too big or it will overpower and detract from your pretty ring.
  14. I honestly think that because the band is so plain I don’t like it. My ering is ornate and I love just looking down at it. that when I look down at the band it takes away from my ring. I sent a side view of my ering to show what I mean. So I wanted to get a bigger band that has similar caviar on the band so when I look down I feel the same way.

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  15. I like the stones in the second photo better, but I agree with most of the folks on this thread; it does take attention away from your engagement ring. Can you get the second one in a thinner style?
  16. I agree! Now that I have seen the original wedding band, I think you should keep it and stack the anniversary ring with these! I am a big fan of stacking