Update on my HH Havana Cracked Strap Situation

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  1. I would have posted this in the original thread, but I can't search for it and I feel it's probably buried hundreds of posts back. I posted about my eggplant Havana Hobo from Hayden-Harnett that had the sealant cracking all along the sides of the strap just a few months after I purchased it. Well, I contacted them about it and they asked me to send it to them and they would repair it for free (I pay shipping). Well, I sent it 2 weeks ago (just up the street actually because I live a few blocks from their headquarters) and then I emailed yesterday to follow up. They told me today that they will be shipping the repairs to Hong Kong at the end of this week and then I can expect the bag back to me in 4-6 weeks! I had no idea they were going to ship them so far for a repair. If I had known, I might not have had gone ahead and sent the bag. It's not even the amount of time that bothers me, but the un-environmentally friendly mode of repairing bags by shipping them all the way to Hong Kong. It makes me more inclined to stick with bags that are made in the US.
  2. I agree. But not very many bags are made in the US anymore......
  3. On the up-side, they're doing all of this at no cost to you, right? It's rotten that it will take so long, but free is good!
  4. glad they are taking care of it... maybe it will be more trouble than it's worth for them and they wil just send you a new one!
  5. At least they are taking care of it for free. I would be upset to wait that long for my bag to come back though.
  6. I don't mind waiting since they are taking care of it for free. I only had to pay to ship the bag back to them. I don't mean to sound ungrateful and I am pleased that they offered to repair it. I guess I just feel bad that it has to go all the way back to Hong Kong and I wonder if I should have just tried to get it fixed myself and paid for it. Oh well. Maybe since I have to wait so long, I should just buy a Havana in another color from the sale. That's a good justification, right? Right? :yes:
  7. This is true.
  8. http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/gah-my-straps-are-cracking-help-278637.html