Update on Heart Coin Purse!

  1. I had my daughter reserve mine at LV Scottsdale this morning. They got only TWO of each. (Pomme Red, Framboise, Perle and MC White). They started a waiting list and since she went today mine are mine. They imprinted her CC and will charge it on the 1st. The red are now gone (I got 2 reds and a pink). My SA said each store will probably only get 2 of each, so if you want them you better GO to your store today and give them your CC info. They have them in stock now. I also reserved the Valentines scarf also, that should be in any day. HURRY!

    oh, the Vernis ones are sooo cute, they have a little enamel flower thingie on one side of the chain, the MC dont. The price is $350.00 each.
  2. Thanks for the info, Donna! I hope Stephania and another pfer will be able to get their hands on any of those hearts!
  3. Me Too!!!! HEARTS hearts hearts...
  4. They are SO cute! The red is the nicest in my opinion. Then the pink. Not crazy about the Perle. The MC is just okay. Would have liked one in black MC, but they just have the white. oh well.
  5. I already put my cc down for the one pink one they got in at scottsdale! They may get a few more by the first though! Who is your SA in Scottsdale?

    I saw all the hearts and they are all gorgeous! I agree a black MC heart would be even more tempting. I reserved the scarf too, but I'm not sure, it's super expensive. I will be at the boutique at 10 am on Thursday morning!!!
  6. man oh man. i love that heart...
  7. only 2 per store? don't you think they will get more eventually?
  8. My SA at Valley Fair told me that the hearts are seasonal so people who don't get theirs from the first shipment will be able to get one later.
  9. Thanks to tPF I have my orders in with credit card given . . . I wouldn't have even known about them without you guys. And I know they are something I really will love and cherish. Hard to make decisions about colors/styles! I just went for the pomme and MC white . . .
  10. Not sure about that, my SA said that when they're gone there wont be anymore, but maybe they just want to cause a frenzy and see how popular they are...the whole supply and demand thing.
  11. You may be right. The eBay sellers are adding to the frenzy. There's one on eBay right now, marked up to $499!!! That's quite a mark-up.
  12. :love: Oh the Pomme Vernis heart is SO beautiful and the little charms attached to it are just so cute... Sigh.. I am happy for you tPF'ers that are getting it and I can't wait to see some pics!:yes: I will enjoy it vicariously through you.
  13. YAY!! Grats to both of you :smile:
    Stef, you'll have to show me yours :smile:
  14. congrats and thank you for the update!
  15. Congrats! I'm super eager for mine now lol.