up for new charm pix!? robot-safe-butterfly!

  1. I had the safe and it was very difficult to open the door on it. I've learned that a lot of the open/close charms are difficult to open up initially. I normally open them up long enough to make sure that everything is ok, but when actually wearing the charms I'm glad that they stay closed so tightly!

    The chain should be attached to the inside though. I know these are (or were) currently at the JC outlets here in the U.S., so it's possible that it was just a defective one.
  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing!

    It's a great reference on the safe. I've seen quite a few on *bay that are without the spring lock mechanism. This should help everyone authenticate them.

    I LOVE the robot! I want to get him for DD.
  3. Great great great pictures!!!
    I love the robot