Unsung heroes in your collection

  1. As I reached once again for my '05 teal city, I began to wonder why this color seems to be so under-rated and little appreciated. I find myself pulling this bag out over and over again, because it seems to go so well with almost everything I wear. I was wondering what Bbag colors some of you would consider as being your unsung heroes? Is there a color in your bag collection that you reach for often and it doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves? Post pics if you have them. I'll start off with a couple pics of my '05 teal. :love:


    IMG_3836_small.jpg IMG_3842_small.jpg
  2. My beautiful Rouille. It was a very underated colour I feel, although she's gaining fans now. But she's my workhorse - I've been taking her everywhere lately. Poor Apple feels neglected.;)


    Picture 005.jpg Picture 006.jpg
  3. Ok.....I'm posting one more my SO took, because he didn't like the color rendition in my pics. :rolleyes: So here is his pic.

  4. I love your bags, girls!
  5. I realize that the motorcycle Balenciagas are by far the most popular, and I of course plan on getting one, but so far I only have the small whistle, which I love. I think a lot of the non-moto styles are TDF but they don't get so much attention... such as the hook line, linea metallica, aviator, whistle, and ring bag. I consider them my unsung heroes, and I think I'm going to have a collection, eventually, which contains a lot of them.
  6. WOW WOW WOW english_girl, that's a pretty color!!!!!!!!!
  7. ^^Thank you! I hated the colour at first - I'm sure I posted on here about it reminding me of curry sauce - but now I adore it.

    PS. Also, your teal city is gorgeous!!!!!!! Teal is one of my dream colours.
  8. emerald 06 is my unsung hero! I have it in the city style and wear her everywhere!
  9. Emerald doesn't get as much love as it should! I think it's such an amazing color!!! Not the greatest photo but here she is!~ it's more viberant IRL!!!:love:

  10. I just posted my emerald bag before I saw your post! LOL I :heart: emerald too!
  11. zacorey, the leather on your emerald is AMAZING! I had an emerald City but it was too veiny for me so I sold it.
  12. LOL! yeah for emerald! my leather was even on the "thinner" side but the more I use her, the more beautiful she gets! It's really something... I fall more in love w/the leather and color each time I use it....! :yes:
  13. MRG~ Thank you! That's the problem I guess with the emerald is a lot of them had very veiny leather which the majority is not a fan of. If you can find the perfect leather you would be in love!!!
  14. Beautiful bag Zac!! I'm no big fan of green in general, but that is one very pretty bag.....and the leather looks fabulous.
  15. I know~ everytime I take her out I fall more in love!!!!:heart: