Uh oh, you created a wristlet monster :-D

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  1. Well, ladies, I went to the Coach boutique at University Village (near the U of W campus in Seattle) and it is fantastic for those yet to try it! :yahoo:

    Here's my new little beauty, and my first leather wristlet (now I have 3...the other 2 are patchwork ones). Woo hooo!

    I proudly bought this while carrying my LV Mono Speedy (and pulling my debit card out of my Prada wallet) ;) . I know, I have no loyalty whatsoever. :shame:
    coach wristlet jan07.jpg
  2. Super cute!! Congrats!!
  3. LOL you are too funny, and congrats!
  4. i love wristlets too...cute story and congrats its beautiful!
  5. that's what i like also, but in camel very nice
  6. I love wristlets too! Congrats!!
  7. Very cute wristlet! I totally understand ... once you start buying them, it's hard to stop. They are so versatile! Enjoy!:smile:
  8. Pursegrrl:

    Your wristlet is beautiful. Wear it in good health.
    Although I am not a big fan of signature I think this one
    is very tastefully done. I may have to go and buy myself
    one too.:yes:
  9. LOVE your title of the thread!:smile:
    Nice wristlet!
  10. Very cute! Wristlets are aweome - so much more useful than one might think. Congrats.
  11. Yes, go check it out...it's even better IRL! The leather is amazing and the additional fringe tassel is a nice, elegant touch. Unlike my other wristlets, this one also has a small side pocket inside.
  12. That's such a cute wristlet! Congrats!
  13. i agree that its really cute!!! congrats!
  14. cute wristlet, i love that color combo the best.
  15. Your wristlet is so cute! I'm going to pick up a wristlet today as well, maybe I'll become a wristlet monster too :p