ughhhh its too bad ebay turned into walmart!

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  1. It absolutely sucks that for buyers ebay is now making returns is as easy as making them at walmart! I sold a coach signature stripe tote the weekend before last. The buyer had good feedback and paid right away. She recieved the bag last weds and I hadnt heard anything from her, no feedback yet. Well on friday night she sent me an email and said she would like to return the bag, she said it was larger than she expected and it really was too big for her liking. So she asked to return for a refund and she would leave positive feedback right away. Well I know that even if I said no that she could just file a claim for some made up reason and get a return anyway. So for my feedback's sake I said sure go ahead and return it. Well she did, I got it yesterday in the mail, sent her refund last night and she did leave positive feedback as promised. So I go on there to leave feedback for her (I was gonna say something like paid quickly but transaction didnt work out etc) and what do you think I see? Another seller has left feedback for her this week and mentioned something like enjoy your coach bag, so I click view item to see what she bought. THE EXACT SAME BAG SHE JUST RETURNED TO ME! The difference being that she won this one for $23 less than she bid on mine!! It just makes me so mad that buyers are free to act like this now. A year ago I dont think buyers would have been so likely to do something like this because it would have been harder for them to get away with it. But now with ebays new and "Improved" policies it's an open invitation to be sneaky and underhanded!
  2. Oh wow, now that is gutsy!!!! And for $23 bucks? The nerve of some people! :cursing:
  3. Geez....for $23! That isn't even worth the hassle of returning it!
  4. Sorry that happened to you. Did you end up leaving her feedback? What did you say?
  5. I hope you left her a nasty feedback!! You should tell exactly what happened to you.
  6. The nerve! :cursing: That's really appalling. Standards are really just going out the door on ebay: buyers who think they can get away with everything, and sellers who think they can get away with items not as described!
  7. So what are we (the good buyers and good sellers) supposed to do??
  8. I hope you deducted $23 for fees etc on the refund..LOL. What a pain. These people are really terrrible.
  9. Ridiculous, did you leave feedback for her?
  10. Stay strong and take it :P. I always state in my listings NO REFUNDS, I've only one guy whining about some jeans I sold him. Who gets 3 pairs of new LB jeans for 100 bucks and whines about it? well, he did and I had to give him 20 bucks back for him to get positive feedback. I dont sell or buy anymore of *bay. DH loves it tho :rolleyes:
  11. I'm hoping that these supposed new changes on ebay will help to curb this sort of behavior.

    Why do people shop on ebay if they aren't comfortable taking risks, particularly with prices or that they are going to dicker about minor details. The one that always gets me is when bidders claim that the color shade of the item wasn't what they expected. If you are going to be that picky, then that is what Nordies is for.
  12. What was the buyer's cost - shipping fees? It seems like a lot of work to send a bag back for $23. I suppose it represents a financial triumph for this person :nuts:

    There seems to be no sense of fair play or honest dealing with a lot of buyers. Very discouraging story.
  13. That is so ridiculous on her part, what nerve...I am annoyed for you! It is too bad you did not see that prior to seeing the other funny would it have been had you sent an email saying "That is fine, but I will have to dect $24 for ebay and paypal fees"!
  14. Awe, sorry about that. :/