Ugh I can't make a decision! Need advice please :)

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  1. I've been waiting forever for the chevron caviar jumbo to come out - however I'm worried about the weight. I found this beauty today which is lighter - however I worry about the black hardware as I've heard horror stories of it chipping off. Plus I never considered myself to be a reissue type of gal. Which one should I choose?? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461517978.316432.jpg
  2. It looks great on you!! I'll keep it. But of course if you have second thought then just wait until you find one you love.
  3. I can't speak to the hardware chipping, but the reissue looks amazing on it much better than the jumbo classic...just my opinion, though. :heart:
  4. I say go for it - this is bag is a total badA.

  5. Omg I literally said that same thing when I saw it! That's why I love it I love edgier things I'm just worried about the hardware chipping...
  6. I can tell you love edgier by your jacket! I'm the same.The only chanel bags that I'm ever drawn to are the ones with a harder edge, I love the play of classic and tough. This bag does it beautifully. I totally understand your worry about the chipping, but Chanel will back it up since you are buying from the boutique. I had a mini so-black (sold because of size) and the hardware did great.
    Alllll that being said, if you think you won't be able to relax while carrying it, then skip. It's no fun if you just worry all the time. :smile:
  7. Beautiful
    Keep it
    All models have their pros and cons
    Just enjoy it
  8. Reissue gets my vote! It looks perfect on you!
  9. I'm going to go against the consensus and say that I think you've already answered your question in your description of the reissue. It sounds that you find the bag beautiful but there are features you are hesitant about. Whenever I really want something but settle for something else (I.e. It's cheaper, it's available, etc.) I never quite forget my first love and end up getting it anyways. I think you should get the bag that you really, really want and that will make you happy...even if that means holding off purchasing something temporarily. Good luck! (I know it's not an easy decision).
  10. I also prefer chevron or classic caviar over reissues...

    but its personal preference!
  11. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!!!!! However, only Keep it only if you love it otherwise you will regret it later!!
  12. Thanks for all your input. I don't think I was clear in my post. My heart sings for this bag! The only reason I'm holding back is because I'm worried about chipping on the hardware.
  13. I would make sure there is a warranty on the chipping of the chain for an amount of time. Seems to me there were issues with earlier versions of the hardware which have since been fixed.

    You will love the light weight of the Reissue and the under the radar look.
  14. This is the other bag I'm considering. This is one is in lambskin I'm waiting for the caviar. My hesitation on this one is that it's really heavy and the chain is long on me ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461521122.472900.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461521132.578324.jpg

  15. It may chip.....But, if you love the bag, get it and enjoy it!!! You only live once....tomorrow is not promised. I guess I have been to one too many funerals lately and am learning not to stress about anything!!!!