Scarves Tutorial: Repairing pulls in Cashmere/Silk scarves

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  1. #46 Mar 11, 2016
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    I had some success as well. No more fear for pull. What a great relief! Can't thank you enough!

    I brushed mine (with the laundress cashmere brush) after repairing it to get rid of the shadow and it worked well! No cold water rinsing needed in my case.

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  2. Have to jump in here and recommend these darning needles to repair pulls. They are absolutely the most precise and smooth.

    This is such a great recourse, so detailed information.

    I use them to fix pills in all my woollens both woven and knit and wouldn't trust anyone else with our H and other treasures.
  3. I used a straight pin (edge is flat not pointed).
  4. I'd like to add to this wonderful thread MrsOwen is so kind to have posted for us. I purchased a couple of these lighted magnifying glasses, and they're a huge help when working on such tiny projects. You can only focus with one lens at a time, but they're hands-free. (I have no affiliation with the seller.)
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  5. I see a lucrative side business LOL - thanks for sharing this seriously!
  6. If anyone doesn't have a darning needle to hand and can't wait 'til they get one, just use the edge of the loop end of a needle.
  7. I just fixed two snags/pulls!!! Amazing tutorial thank you!!!

    And I'm the clumsiest person ever and it was so easy with a regular thin needle
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  8. FANTASTIC! Now I start to blame why there was no home-economic classes for guys when I was in secondary school.....So i know nothing about needle works....

  9. I used a regular needle and basically kept looping under and pulling the thread that was off. It was easy to see as that one was not aligned to the rest of the scarf, so the colors were not "in place" if it makes any sense. Took me just 10 minutes as it was 2 snags/threads. Finished up by pulling both ends with my hands and done!! :smile:
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  10. Just wondering does anyone know if hermes charges for repairing your scarf?
  11. My boutique no longer repairs scarves. I am based in Europe.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Wow I am amazed!!!!!!! I have a run in my new shawl, & found this thread. If only I could do this. You have some talent and skill!
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  14. Good info here given recent posts
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  15. I am so thankful for this thread and tutorial.
    It helped me turn a major catastrophe into a minor one... pull 1.jpg pull 2.jpg
    (Never trust Vestiaire Collective quality control. Yes, I should have asked for more pictures,not detach the label, could try to return, but I wanted this CW and so DIY it was )