Trevi Going Strong after 5 Months of Wear & Tear (PICS!!!!)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I promised a few ppl I'd post some pics of my trevi. I purchased it in October, and I've used it everyday with the exception of a few weeks here or there.

    So without further ado - here is my non-babied trevi! I've labelled the pics with what they're supposed to show.

    Trevi Tips:
    1. Try not to use the shoulder strap so it doesn't stretch (it doesn't look so pretty when it gets caught under the bag).

    2. Flip the shoulder strap from one side to the other every so often (I try to do it weekly or bi-weekly), so your handles wear'll start to feel them loosening after a while as (I believe) it's rope underneath the leather.

    3. Once a side fold creases in a yucky way, push it back asap so it sits nicely (like the pic labelled "Good Side") otherwise if you let it stay like that the canvas softens up and it's harder to get it back in place (see pic "Bad Side").

    Not bad for using it almost every day for 150 days! How old would *you* think my trevi was??
    Front.JPG Good Side.JPG Bad Side.JPG Minimal Handle Wrinkle.JPG Shoulder Strap - No Wrinkles.JPG
  2. Oh - I should also mention that she's been out in the rain and snow...quite a bit since I live in Canada.
  3. Wow still looks fairly new to me! Thanks for sharing this info ... it's really very helpful:tup::ty:
  4. Good job with it.. it looks brand new and 5 months is a long time if you wearing it constantly!
  5. Wow, has the trevi really been out for 5 months ?

    Your bag does look great ! :yes:
  6. looks gorgeous still! I want one.
  7. WOW :wtf:
    looks sooo good still 10/10
    thanks for the tips!!!
  8. Nice! You're wearing her in good health. What a well loved bag!
  9. still looks great!!! it's a very pretty bag!!!
  10. Trevi is such a great bag! What a trooper to be able to hold up to the dynamic weather in Canada. Congrats on making an excellent purchase!
  11. Thanks everyone - I'm glad you're enjoying the tips.

    I must say, my mom did well when she convinced me to not get the speedy, and to get the trevi instead. As much as I love the speedy, I can't say I'm a fan of the sag......although I'm sure somewhere down the line I'll pick one up!

    I dunno if anyone with a palermo can comment on how it is at holding it's shape. It's definitely a cute bag, but doesn't seem to have as much structure as the trevi...can anyone confirm this?
  12. Thanks for the tips! She's still in great shape!
  13. Thanks for sharing and thank you VERY much for the tips. I acutally push the side folds back nicely all the time but sometimes I don't notice when the fold get's ugly and it's really hard to push it back.
  14. I have the Palemo GM and it doesn't keep its shape it sags a lot .
  15. Wow....doesn't look like 5month used...great choice