treating mj bags with stain/water repellent


do you treat your mj calfskin bags with a stain or water repellent?

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  1. i ran a search but i still cant find an definitive answer on whether or not i should treat my bags with some sort of repellent. if i do should i use apple? i just wanted to see if most of you guys spray your bags with stuff or not.
  2. Good question! I have been wondering the same!!
  3. marc jacobs does not recommend treating their bags in any way- if you really want to treat it- call your local boutique and they will recommend a professional who can do if for you.

    that being said- i have treated every marc jacobs bag i have ever owned (quilted, patchwork, smooth calf, mix quilted line, striping line, dark and light colors) with applegarde rain and stain repellent. i have cleaned them with applegarde cleaner and treated them with applegarde leather care (conditioner) and all of them are in perfect condition.

    one tip- if you spray your bag with the rain/ stain repellent if may look darker/ blotchy for a little while... don't have a heart attack, i repeat DO NOT freak out haha- it happens on some of the smoother leathers and lighter colors.

    like i said, this is just my experience and my opinion- i hope it helps.:tup:
  4. ps. jill, maybe we can make this a sticky with everyone's answers and suggestions- as this question gets asked very often. thanks! :flowers:
  5. Thanks Yes.Please!
  6. One of the reasons MJ doesn't encourage treating your bag is becuz they're made to age & improve w/use & weathering - Some people like that look, but I think most people like to keep their bags as new looking as possible & treat them accordingly. I decide to treat my bags based on the leather & color. If it's a softer bag with smooth leather in a lighter color, I'll treat it to protect it from water stains & damage - but if it's a darker bag (esp black) I don't usually water-proof it - I do use my conditioning lotion on almost every bag I own. I find that it improves the texture and smooths unwanted scuffs & minor scratches

    I also haven't waterproofed any of the bags I recently got (Mina, Patchwork Stam, Quilted Stam) - they seem to be coated somehow and already protected - I don't think addtl protection is necessary.
  7. thanks guys! i think ill treat mine because id get really scared if it started to rain or something.
  8. I've never treated any of my MJs, or my Balenciagas for that matter, with any rain repellent... but then again, it doesn't really rain where I live. This past rainy season my bags held up really well with no water spots despite the lack of treatment.

    I do condition my bags with Apple Garde when they look thirsty, but other than that, I only clean them with alcohol/lanolin free baby wipes. I tried using Apple Garde cleaner on my Maroon ZC once, and to my horror it lifted up a lot of color. I've never used it since.

    The MJ SAs don't recommend treatment because supposedly the leather is already treated.

    I've also tried Cole Haan conditioner/cleaner with success, and I've heard good things about Wilson products.

    I've read that Coach cleaner can leave a residue on the leather which can turn yellow over time.
  9. does conditioner remove the spots if it gets rained on?
  10. Okay, so I just ordered a couple products from Lovin' My Bags. I ordered the "for handles only" and the luxury leather cleaner. Anyone have any experience with these products? I ran a search but ended up in the B-Bag forum, which is great, because that is fab leather but still not the same leather as MJ bags. I wonder if the cleanser lifts up ink...anyone have any idea?
  11. ive been looking at their products and there are so many. i dont know which ones to get! the handle thing looks good and perhaps a cleanser...

    oh and i was wondering if it wouldbe bad to mix brands of leather care. ie lovin by bag handles with apple garde cleaner.
  12. I will let you know when I get them tomato...I was so overwhelmed by all the products! Part of is excited, other part is worried that it will damage my goods.:p
  13. i dont think itll damage your purses! it seems to get good reviews from everyone else so dont worry.
  14. Me? Not worry? Okay, you obviously don't know me very well yet.:p
  15. I've read that AppleGarde (Apple Rain and Stain Repellent) does work well on MJ. Hope it works for you.