Travelling to the UK

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  1. I just got back from London 2 weeks ago..
    So many interesting places to see.. I don’t know if the lights still there or not, definitely beautiful.. Have fun in London..!
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  2. I would recommend a coat, too.
    London Tower is so interesting! All the stories the Yeoman Warders (guides) have to tell, the jewels, the ravens.
    And I love the afternoon tea at the Swan at the Globe with the perfect view of the Thames. Shakespeare´s Globe is brilliant, too.
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  3. Thank you everyone! I will certainly bring all of my warm clothing!
  4. Sounds very much like Canada right now! Haha
    Thank you! I figured as much, but wanted to be sure haha Oh wow! That sounds wonderful! I will look into the Riverboat trip!
    Thank you for the recommendations! I will certainly look into dining that that Restaurant!
    Oh that looks beautiful!! Thank you!
    Thank you so much for the recommendations!
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  5. If you are a Harry Potter fan I recommend the Warner Bros Studio tour
    It is just outside London and I would suggest a whole day so not sure if that fits in your schedule. Hope you have a wonderful trip!
  6. Oh wow!!! Thank you! I will see if we can fit it in!
  7. Winter coat, and everyone will be taking the same bag.
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  8. If you only have one day, I recommend the Big Bus tour since it will take you past all the major landmarks and you’ll at least get to see Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, etc. The tours are guided and entertaining but bundle up cause it will be cold if you ride on the open top!!! Then in the afternoon I’d also highly recommend The Tower of London to see the site and see the Crown Jewels. Then wrap up at Harrods in the evening.
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  9. If you want to get London hot stamp, it’s only available at Selfridges. But usually takes a few days unless they happen to be stamping that day. Also if you are departing from terminal 4 or 5, there is a LV store in each of these terminals and you can get quite a bit of discount (vs buying in North America) without having to deal with tax refund (that takes a cut off your refund). Savings can be up to 35% or more depending on exchange rate and your home sales tax structure. If you are looking for traditional afternoon tea experience, Claridge’s hotel is the way to go.
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  10. Thank you both for the information!!! Wow!!!
  11. Hello TangerineKandy,
    Have a great trip to London, it is the magnificent city with a widely eclectic style.
    I can recommend you to visit Greenwich as a historically valued place in London. Also, try to visit Hyde Park and have a trip with a London Eye.

  12. Thank you, Ivan!
  13. If we get the snow they keep threatening us with bring snow shoes, emergency flares, thermal underwear and rations.

    Seriously though it will be cold and wet that much you can count on. But have a great time.
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  14. Enjoy your stay in the UK. If your flying out of Heathrow via T5 and going to be doing some LV duty free shopping. I have a direct number given to me by a SA I had a week ago. She's a newbie but very nice and helpful. She's able to get some things in and tell you what stock she has. Just PM me if you want her number. :smile:
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  15. I loved the Natural History Museum and Harrods as well. They have La Duree on the bottom floor. Stop in and grab a box of macarons and a cute souvenir charm for your bags. Also, only bring bags that you are okay with getting absolutely drenched. When I was there it would go from sunny to absolute downpour in no time.
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