Travelling to the UK

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  1. Hi all, just wondering about a few things before I leave for my trip to England next week. We are travelling mainly to see DBF's family, however have a couple of days set aside for sight seeing.

    I'm planning on taking my Pochette Metis (mono with bandeau) and Twinset in empreinte noir.

    I'm wondering whether a light jacket would be okay or should I pack my winter coat? (Padded coat with a fur hood)

    We will be walking, along with grabbing public transport. I will be wearing sneakers and will also be bringing a pair of nice ankle boots.

    We will be spending one day at Stone Henge and one day in London. (Is Stone Henge muddy?)

    Any advice you can give would be great! TIA!

    PS: Since we only have one day in London, what is an absolute must see? Harrods is on my list, Buckingham Palace, Kings Cross (Harry Potter fan haha) and Tower Bridge
  2. London Tower for sure, see those crown jewels. Amazing. Have fun.
  3. I like the Victoria and Albert Museum. If I recall correctly, it’s close-ish to Harrod’s.
  4. Definitely pack your winter coat! It is winter after all and England is very damp and cold this time of year. Better to bring a large coat and have to unzip it if it is unseasonably warm than ruin your time there shivering or having to shop for a new coat or extra layers.
  5. Also, I think you’ll need a warm coat. I was cold with a light coat when I went in March a few years back.
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  6. Coat, wool scarf, umbrella:tup:
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  7. Thank you all!! I will definitely pack my winter coat, and thank you for the sight seeing suggestions!
  8. Definitely pack warm coat, scarf, gloves and umbrella. We had snow last year in March in London.
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  9. I just returned from London yesterday and I wore a puffer, LV Stole and occasionally gloves .. I didn’t think it was too cold at all ... plus everywhere is heated. I would only take one LV and trainers for walking. Enjoy your trip.. I still didn’t adjust to the darkness so early in the day.
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  10. Hi
    It’s cold here in London at the moment. Next week the warmest temperature is 10/11 , with more wet and windy weather is due next week.
    You need your winter coat 100%

    Stone henge will be even colder as it’s open landscape and can also get muddy if we get the rain. You need hat , gloves and scarf for that day!
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  11. The thing with Uk is that it can be mild and sunny one day and then the next day it will be bitterly cold or heavy rain.
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  12. Yes you will definitely need your thicker coat as most of next week won't be warmer than 6 degrees :shocked: and Stonehenge is very exposed to elements so depending which day you go will be windy, very cold and possibly muddy !
    If you have time I would recommend a riverboat trip down the Thames where you can see lots of sights such as the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower of London, HMS Belfast Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and you also go under all the bridges. Plus the boats have bar/cafe and washroom facilities and nice rest from walking around :biggrin:
    Have a great trip
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  13. Definitely bring a a warm coat, scarf, gloves etc. It's getting a bit warmer again after a few days of frost but it's damp. Stonehenge is muddy and very open so it will be windy too. Wear flat footwear on that visit! The Clipper Boats on the River Thames are a great way to see the landmarks of London without having to travel to them all independently saving you time to visit the places that really interest you. The open top buses are great too but can be cold, obviously not great if it's raining! If you get time for lunch when you are at Harrods then just around the corner in Beauchamp Place is San Lorenzo,, an Italian restaurant which was very close to Princess Diana's heart. I love going there when I'm in London. If I can help with anything else just ask! c
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  14. Last two days it’s been very chilly in London so as others have said bring a warm coat.
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  15. Coat. You might want to post this in travel forum instead of lv.
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