Traveling 8 hours to buy Coach!

  1. So last month I went to San Antonio for 5 days and scored at the San Marcos outlet.

    We have an outlet in El Paso, (20 minutes away) but they never get anything good.

    I know I'm CRAZY but tomorrow I leave to San Antonio again just to check out the outlet.

    I can pretend that there is another reason but there really isn't.

    I need help, but shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone until I get back from this trip.

    Do any of you feel this way???
  2. Well.. I drive about 3 hours each way to the outlet from Houston so I don't think you are crazy.. I have left at like 6:30 in the morning by myself to get there when they open. Twice.
  3. :roflmfao: I think a lot of us do! I can't wait until I go on vacation this summer to Las Vegas to hit the Vegas outlets! I've already made DH promise to take me to ALL the outlets they have in Vegas. So I guess for me, I'm planning an entire vacation around going to the outlet, you're not alone!
  4. Well, the closest outlet is one hour away from my house, so it's not as long a trip as you, but I always do this. I waste gas and take the long trip secretly (sometimes I don't even tell my BF) just to check out what's at the outlet. Of course, I'm always bummed when there isn't anything good and I wasted my time driving. But sometimes I find really good deals!
  5. ditto. BUT not at 6:30!!!!!
  6. I'm up early today to head to the outlets in NY--three hour drive to visit my parents in CT, then my mom and I are driving two hours. I'm visiting for a few days anyway, but still...
  7. i drive to syracuse (3.5 hrs each way and one international boarder) to get to coach! of course, now they r opening a store here in my town.
  8. Well I dont do it regularly, but I made my DH take me to the only outlet in my state, 3 hours away, as part of our little anniversary getaway last October! And when we decided to go to Disney this summer, the first thing I did was come on here and ask about outlets in Florida!
  9. You know, i've often thought about just taking a day trip and making the 3 1/2 hour drive to the outlet, but I know i'll be so tired on the way home that i'll wanna nap hahaha

    Have fun at the outlet and get some good deals!!
  10. thats insane. I could never drive 8 hours round trip to go shop. I would have to do an over night.
  11. Haha, yes! I was trying to convince my BF that we should spend Saturday driving to the outlets that are about 2 hours away from here and told him that there were lots of stores that he likes there. But, of course, the only reason I really want to go is so that I can visit the Coach outlet! lol!
  12. That is pretty far :p I have driven MANY times to my closest outlets (2) but they are 1 1/2 hour away and they are in Las Vegas so there is always more to do with the family.. even at that though with gas prices it is just not worth it unless we are going for other things anymore. :tdown:
  13. Yep. Drove 9 hours TWICE this summer before the family came out just to go to the outlets in TX and back :nuts:
  14. Haha! Totally relate! I even got the crew up at 6:00 to leave by 7am back when I got my Ali at Round Rock. Wanted to make sure we were there when they opened. :lol:
  15. Hahaha. Don't feel bad..I take my whole family ( hubby and 2 kids ) to Atlanta which is 5 hours away and stay there for a weekend. I always make sure the hotel we stay at is only walking distance!!! Now, the hotel knows me personally..I think even the SA's at that outlet. Hahaha.