tPFers on ebay

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  1. The only way I used tPF in my listings was to put in a link for prospective buyers to come here to authenticate a bag, never saying that I was a member. Only for them to know they could feel free to have it authenticated.
  2. Yeah I agree with a lot of people. The seller being a member here doesn't really boost my confident to bid on an item. Nor will I want to check the posts or communicate with the seller via TPF. Its mostly because I prefer to stay anonymous and I will do my homework before I bid on anything.
  3. If a seller uses TPF as a selling point, then she better be ready to answer buyers' questions about her membership and ID here.

  4. :yes:
  5. Some of us try to remain anonymous but sometimes our Ebay ID gets spoken about and we feel the need to tell our side and then in turn, our identity gets revealed. Maybe the solution is to ban Ebay member names??? I dont know the answer but I wish I did...
  6. I also do not identify myself as a TPF member. How could it possibly matter?
  7. I also look at their history, are the a TPF'r who hasn't used their account in 2 years, and when they did they commented on relationships and advice rather than Louis Vuitton or Gucci. It gives me a little bit of extra relief if they are regular, because I feel as if they might respond with the pictures where as some might just go to you that no more pics will be taken.
  8. I agree with karmen: if a seller uses the tpf thing to sell an item, he/she should absolutely be ready to provide ID/ answer questions about membership.