tPFers on ebay

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  1. If a seller on ebay states that they're a tFPer, is it ok to ask for their tPF ID too?
  2. I think so, if they won't give you it, they may be misrepresenting themselves.
  3. Yes. Ask them, then PM them here to make sure they really are the same person.
  4. After you ask the ID then you go onto TPF and send them a message to make sure it's the same person.
  5. in the end tho, it doesnt mean you can trust them more.
  6. No, but you can see if they are telling the truth.
  7. yes, ask for their tPF ID!!
  8. Sure! You can say, "I am a member of tPF too and want to verify that you are the same person selling the bag. Thanks!"
  9. Thanks!

    I just sent the seller a message asking for her tPF id.
  10. Or you can give her your tpf ID and ask for her to PM you on here. Check her posts and post count to give you some more info on the seller.
  11. I agree the one who's lying about the authenticity of my bag on Bonanzle is a purseforum member.
  12. I used to wonder what TPF meant on listings, but it doesn't mean anything unless you establish their username and verify it through TPF messages.

    The scammer + fake Louis Vuitton seller mizzmariah now dontbah8r put on her listings she is a trusted tpf member when I read she has only posted twice. :tdown:
  13. I have also noticed some TPF members who are online consignment shop sellers who use purseforum to authenticate their for their company and spam the purseblog comments with their URLs daily... read the comments-- you'll see what I mean.
  14. I hate it how people use and abuse tpf. Grrr
  15. I do not and WILL not identify myself as a TPF member, I don't believe it helps me as a seller.

    If someone wants to authenticate an item, my status on a forum board or how many latte's I buy at Starbux won't help reassure them any more than just making sure I do my part and document my item for sell as best I can.