tPF members bags as art!

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  1. Great thread, all the photos are great.

    I especially love Jane's BV picture because I want both the bag and the cake!:drool:
  2. I LOVE this pic. :heart: It has to be one of my favortie handbag pics. The woven leather BV's are TDF! The color of the BV and the cupcake match just perfectly. Jane, you are a great photographer!!
  3. Love the BV and cupcake picture. The sunshine :sunshine: and focus are perfect!
  4. great thread! i :heart: the BV & the LV photos. it truly is like telling a story- i want to know what exciting trip the owner of the LV has in store for that gorgeous piece of luggage & bag.
  5. :drool:Great idea for a thread! Beautiful pics too. Love the BV one especially - so yummy!
  6. You guys it was just a lucky shot! hee hee thanks. I have more, I'll go find...
  7. Composition experiments



  8. Lucky shot? :nogood: I think you have a very good eye!
    Love that shot!
  9. You did it again, the way you capture the light, not luck, talent!

    Beautiful! More, more!!!


  10. Sunlight


  11. Makes me want to grab a cup of coffee, an Instyle or Allure and kick back....bumber I'm at work, have a meeting after work, need to go food shopping and get home to get the kids ready for tommorow to do it over again.

    This is a great thread though...keep them comming.
  12. ^i forgot about that one! i like it.
  13. Jane, don't be so modest!! ;) You have some great shots there! It helps to have gorgeous bags to photograph. :yes: Love that striped scarf, too.
  14. I took a photo of my Chloé Christmas RAOK gift (a diamante Chloé charm) in my Christmas tree - I don't suppose that's it? :lol:
  15. I love this thread! Keep it coming ladies!