tPF members bags as art!

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  1. Ohhh nice, my favorite is the first one--love the shading across the bag! It looks like an advertisement! :tup: Oh and NICE bag too;)
  2. Thanks! I can barely wait to bring her out again in a couple of months.
  3. I just love all the pics that have been posted so far and thought I might contribute one:shame: I'm not sure how to make them larger so I'll just attach a small pic.

    I just have to say Jane, I'm not sure which looks more delicious, that cupcake or your amazing BV!!

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  4. Jane, I love your striped scarf, where is it from?

    Tatertot your miu miu is a beautiful rose colour, lovely pic! :smile:
  5. here is a pic of my bb spy - wish the pic was bigger but I always thought it came out pretty good, showcasing the purple/blueberry color. It's a work of art to me!

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  6. Great pictures! Maybe I will experiment a little this weekend.

  7. Soooo pretty!!! I want to go home and make handbag art now!!!
  8. Beautiful shot tatertot! The color of your Miu Miu is TDF! :drool:
  9. My thoughts exactly! If you are not, you need to be a professional photographer because you have talent!
  10. It's a Coach ponytail scarf.
  11. Ummm...nom, nom, nom...Blueberry :drool:
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    Love this thread!:tup: The pictures definitely make or break the bag! LOL That said, Vernilover always has stunning photos ... I always feel like practicing on my bags but DH always gives me that look when I start arranging my bags!:confused1:

    These are my two favorites ... I was trying to be artsy!;)


  13. Lore~ That Fendi of your is gorgeous! I love how rich the color looks in your pic!:drool:

    Asl~ Great pics!! My DH always gives me the same looks but I just pretend I don't notice and snap away.:P

    I wanted to throw these pics of mine in for fun.

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