Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. I think it’s interesting that people generally find their fine jewellery worth the expense, while cheaper pieces risk being a false economy.

    I might keep adding to this as things occur to me! Sorry for being a pain.

    Worth it: my Garmin vivoactive fitness watch. I wouldn’t buy a luxury watch now; there’d be no point, I’m addicted to the data :smile:

    Not worth it: Oliver Bonas pieces gifted to me. Sorry to be ungrateful but they’re crap. They break, customer services replace them, then they break again

    Worth it: Miore 18k yg ball studs. Super simple, but at £50 from Amazon I can afford not to worry about them, yet they’re good quality

    Not worth it: pearl studs. I love them but they are just big enough to catch on clothes in gym changing rooms and get lost. I’ve lost four earrings this way and I’ve now given up on them
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  2. Worth it - Rolexes, all of my diamonds.

    Not worth it - fashion jewellery, Tiffany silver jewellery
  3. Worth it - custom jewelry in 18k gold or platinum and high quality gemstones.

    Not worth it - most “me too” luxury brands.

    Worth it - automatic handmade fine watches.

    Not worth it - luxury fashion watches, such as Dior, Chanel, etc.
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  4. Wow! Since I began this thread in 2011, I always chuckle when I see it come up again. Definitely my best thread I ever created! It is fascinating to see the trends and how people change their lists.

    Here are my latest thoughts about my collections -

    Watches - my 31 mm SS Rolex is worth it but my 26 mm 2 tone Rolex is now outdated IMO. No longer loving my black Chanel j12 but maybe I will again eventually . Still happy with my Cartier ballon bleu. Problem is that when I got all these watches over 10 years ago, I never realized all I’d end up wearing in future is the Apple Watch!

    Bracelets - love love my diamond platinum tennis bracelet and my diamond sapphire tennis bracelet. Not loving my Cartier WG bangle. It is original one before they changed the lock mechanism. I’m happy that I have the original so I can give to my daughter one day. But I don’t sleep well wearing it and I’m just out of love. My pandora bracelets were a major waste. Yurman and Hermès are just ok.

    Rings - I get lots of compliments on my engagement ring but I’m offering it to my son if he wants to give it future fiancé. I purchased an approx 3/4 princess from Tiffany’s that I really like that I’ll keep for me. It has excellent specs. I don’t think it’s worth it to get diamond rings of lower quality ever.

    Necklaces - I really enjoy my costume stuff the most in this category. I have a Tiffany DBTY and have a love/hate relationship with it. I think it cost over $3000 and not worth the price. But it is a classic (and has excellent specs) -just don’t know if it needed to be Tiffany for that price. I get bored of necklaces and I like the variety of costume jewelry.

    My latest obsession -believe it or not -is Kendra Scott! We just got a new store in our area and I’m obsessed with the charm collection on pendants. I bought the rose gold chain and will add charms next weekend when I have time to play with them in the store. Hopefully I will still love Kendra Scott next time I post on this thread!

    I don’t wear earrings so really nothing to add in this category.

    Looking forward to reading many more continued responses here!
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  5. And the Apple Watch like all smart watches being something that is outdated within a year of ownership is a very expensive item which is utterly worthless to hand down
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  6. Actually I’m purchasing the Apple 4 next week and my 17 year old daughter is thrilled to take my Apple Watch 2! I’m getting the rose gold aluminum but still undecided on size. My current one is the 38mm silver aluminum. I do not buy stainless steel although the Hermès is to die for. I just think I will want new every 2 years so can’t justify the price.
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  7. Ah I kind of meant in years to come.. like heirlooms
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  8. sorry dupe post
  9. But people aren’t buying smart watches as heirloom pieces are they? They buy them for the functionality. Also, my Garmin sports watch was £240. If I could find a Rolex for that price I’d jump on it!
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  10. Worth it - My Zenith El Primero Chronomaster, JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon
    Not worth it: Apple Watch (never wear it, and you couldn't with swim it)
  11. I'm more of a costume jewelry person and all my real jewelry was handed down to me from my mom's collection, but over the years I've found that regardless of the pieces it's worth it to invest in a jewelry box. Even my cheap jewelry has lasted longer in a box than the ones displayed out in the open. I'm thinking of designing a box with glass doors so I can see all my jewelry and remember to wear them but keep even the cheap ones from tarnishing!
  12. Very true... think I was just saying (and I’m as guilty as anyone) that things we value now, iPads iPhones etc are all part of our throwaway society ...
  13. That’s very true. I’ve been thinking that jewellery is not immune to this, either—there are so many more vermeil lines these days and it’s getting more difficult to find solid 18 carat gold, at least here in the UK. The market is becoming more trend-led and many of the more emerging designers don’t seem to expect their pieces to be treasured long term.

    Of course, the price of gold could be a factor in this, but I don’t think it’s the whole story.
  14. I'm not a watch person but I absolutely love my Cartier Roadster...have not taken it off since I got it. The nice part, I can actually read the time without my cheaters!
    I have not worn my 5 TCW diamond studs in 4 years...not comfortable. So much money I hate to sell them. :sad:
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  15. This thread is so fun to revisit, my answer has changed a bit:

    Worth it:
    -18k and + solid gold ;
    -Heirlooms, for both financial and sentimental reasons

    Not worth it:
    -Platinum, white gold and silver; I'm definitely a YG person I don't even know why I tried to convince myself otherwise...
    -Anything less than 18k solid gold
    -Watches, I am NOT a watch person, so happy I've never splurged too much on that
    - Lower quality diamonds
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