Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Worth It: All of my 24 kt gold jewelry, all my Balinese jewelry, Tahitian pearls and good jade

    Not Worth It - 14 kit gold pieces and junk silver jewelry
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    A lady after my heart! I’ve never liked white gold, platinum or silver on myself.

    I’ve been really good regarding my purchases and only succumbed to peer pressure once. I was convinced that my diamond studs would look better/ bigger in platinum. Unfortunately, I just never wear them. I do not like to mix metals, old school that way.

    Although, I guess even I have exceptions to my own rule as I forgot that my Tiffany engagement ring is in their classic 6-prong setting that actually has the prongs in platinum but the rest of the ring is in 18kt yellow gold. Hmmm...I totally forgot about that. I really do not wear it much anymore as I got tired of it sticking out and banging on things.

    I now do a stack with my knife-edge wedding band (my Mom gifted us my grandparents’ wedding bands prior to our wedding), a VCA small Perlée ring (signifying my eldest), an Annoushka diamond eternity band (celebrating our 20th) and then 2 more VCA small Perlée rings (signifying our other 2 children). It sounds like a lot going on but is actually really understated and elegant. I still haven’t mastered stacking bracelets without it looking like too much going on for me, but my ring stack IMHO is perfection!

    I do lust after so many pieces that designers only make in WG or plated. I have been rather lucky in that as for the most part the ones that I really loved, I was able to have made bespoke in yellow gold. If the designers wouldn’t do it and I couldn’t stop thinking of it (and I am usually talking several months or years), my jeweler was being able to make something similar to placate me.
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  3. That ring stack sounds beautiful tbbbjb!!! unfortunately my e-ring was in WG and I tend to not wear that often anymore, I'm looking for a simple yg band to wear instead and love the idea of the VCA perlee, would it be too bland to wear on it's own?
  4. I'm with you on this - and still have platinum prongs on my e-ring as well. I did recently end up getting a Paloma's Groove ring from Tiffany to wear as a substitute for my e-ring/wedding ring on days when I want something with a flat profile. So for me, this new purchase has been totally worth it.

    Not worth it for me of late has been gold-plated silver/gold fill/gold vermeil. These pieces can be good for travel, but I'm finding I'd rather wear pure silver or some simple gold earrings and not have to worry about the plating coming off.
  5. Not worth it: costume jewelry.
    Worth it: Every single piece of sterling silver I ever bought. Every single piece of rose gold I ever bought. Every single piece of native american jewelry I ever bought.
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  6. Worth it - my LOVE, JUC and yachtmaster. I wear them 24/7 and looking at them makes me smile.

    Not worth it - every piece of jewelry I purchased because I was initially too afraid to spend the ridiculous amount of money on the above pieces. I wish I had just stuck to my guns, saved and purchased what I really wanted in the first place!
  7. worth it (daily wear jewelry)-

    Raymond Weil watch (low profile on wrist, perfect if you carry babies regularly as it won’t scratch them)

    Judith Ripka leverback earrings (love the gemstone selection, and the silver doesn’t seem to tarnish despite years of use- how is this feasible?! These are perfect if you’re in a health profession because they don’t catch on medical masks)

    Any dainty necklace. My favorites are the platinum/diamond double loving heart Paloma Picasso tiffany pendant and the diamond/gold jean schlumberger lynn pendant

    Not worth it (worn a handful of times at most)-

    My pearl jewelry (makes me feel too stuffy??!) but I’m sentimentally attached as I wore these on my wedding day. Also feel these are a wardrobe staple, even though apparently not my wardrobe

    The majority of my costume jewelry

    Stud earrings that catch on my hair and on medical masks (can’t stand that!)

    French wire dangle earrings that fall silently out of your ears

    Any bracelet or ring that has sharp edges and scratches babies’ legs (at least until my littlest are bigger and don’t require as much holding)
  8. This ^^^^^ !!!!! Describes me to a T. I shudder to think of how much I wasted....
  9. Worth it: my Hearts On Fire engagement ring, could have got a lot more diamond for the price elsewhere but man does it sparkle... Even if it hasn't been cleaned in months. My Hermes clic bracelets and hinge bracelets. I don't wear a ton of jewelry but I love that I can just throw one of these on and it feels substantial. I also wear a gold rope chain from my grandmother, I didn't buy it but I would definitely feel it worth it to replace it if I needed to.

    Regrets: my large collection of T&Co. I know I know... How can I say that?. I purchased most of it when I was in my 20s and my tastes have definitely matured since then. I have a couple pieces that I occasionally pull out because I feel bad and I purchased a splash pendant this spring but just didn't wear it like I thought I would. I also maybe regret some of my Pandora and Links of London for the same reasons.
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  10. Same here. Just because I was afraid. Or because I thought I would never be able to save up to my dream-pieces... I love my classic LOVE and my slim JUC, basically all my Cartier bracelets. Wear them all the time. so worth the money and the wait.Enjoy all your beautiful pieces!
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    Worth it:
    All my fine jewelry.
    Not worth it: I feel now that my huge silver pieces were not worth it, but in truth I wore them a lot when they were fashionable and I’m sure I’ll wear some of those pieces again when we move away from dainty jewelry because they’re gorgeous.
    Definitely not worth it: anything fake. I’m not really into costume jewelry but I have (had!) a few pieces that fell apart even though they were expensive.
    Surprisingly worth it: a long swarovski necklace in rose Gold with grey crystals that I wear on special occasions. It looks great even though it’s costume. That’s the only really costume piece I own now.
    On the fence: a pair of diamond cluster earrings in white gold that I bought last year on vacation. They’re gorgeous and really sparkly but maybe a tad small. I have two daughters, though, so they can wear them in the future (they’re 3 and 6). I wear them on occasion.
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  12. Worth it-
    My 26mm Rolex Datejust with diamond markers. Wear it every single day. It can be dressed up or down.

    RG Cartier small Love. A gift from DH & DS for my 30th birthday. I wear it 24/7 & it truly brings me joy every time I look at it. I have very slim wrists & although it's the thinner version it still has a great presence. It's also easy to stack with other bracelets in case I got bored wearing it alone.

    VCA sweet earrings in onyx/YG. Try elevate whatever I'm wearing & the craftsmanship is incredible. They look just as lovely on me (@ 30) as my mum (@70) so I can see they have longevity.

    Swarovski RG plated bezel studs. Pretty much exactly the design I would get in real diamonds / 18k RG if I had spare funds. They are super comfortable & go with everything.

    Not worth it
    YG Maya Brenner initial necklace. I love the idea but the letter flips & the necklace rides up all the time to show the clasp at the front. Really annoying.

    Fashion jewellery. They look nice but They don't make me FEEL special in a way my high end jewellery does.

    The problem I'm having now is how to add to my collection. The key pieces I've described above give me so much joy that any new piece has to really give me butterflies like my current pieces do. I'm thinking about a vintage VCA pendant since I'm missing a special necklace.
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  13. I have a VCA Perlee and it looks amazing in its own
  14. Did you ever purchase your tennis bracelet? I'm also looking for one and don't know where to begin. I'd like around the same carat weight.
  15. Worth it: Rolex, Cartier, heavy 18k yellow gold pieces, good quality diamonds, heirloom pieces, classic designs that a grandmother or 20-year-old can wear

    Not worth it: silver pieces, anything under 18k gold, pave pieces, low quality diamonds, gemstones, dainty/fragile jewelry pieces, John Hardy/David Yurman silver designs, Hermes clic-clac, costume jewelry/statement necklaces, Movado, fashion house watches, all my white gold jewelry
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