TOTAL (surprising) find!!! ...I had to share!

  1. You guys, you know I'm all about the comfort of high heels w/o sacrificing look. I read somewhere about Shop Etc.'s "most comfortably heel" awards, and decided to pick up a pair of these Colin Stuart T strap sandals, because they're ONLY 39.99. I was skeptical, because with all the other "name brand" heels I own that still kill me, I never thought Colin Stuart would come out with heels that are cute yet comfy...but for 39.99, I decided to try.

    Just got them today......SOOOOOOOOO COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!! I mean, I'm a total newbie when it comes to walking in heels, but these are 4 1/2" inch heels and they seriously walk like a flat. They're not in the style I would normally purchase, but they're really pretty cute on. I'm so tempted to buy more in every color.

    Here's the link: Victoria's Secret - T-strap sandal
  2. Interesting - do you notice anything different in the construction of them vs. other heels?
  3. Good question - I was just wondering that myself. I've noticed a few things - 1) it's somewhat in a rounded-toe shape, which is usually more comfy than pointed toe, so it gives plenty of room for your toes. 2) The insole is totally padded, in addition to 3) There's a slight platform in the front and 4) The heel is gorgeously stacked, but it's shaped from thick at the top to thinner at the bottom, which means you get more support than from say, a stiletto heel. Super comfy.
  4. Hm, maybe I'll check them out. At that price, they're almost free! Thanks for the info!
  5. Good deal! they're cute~!
  6. I think they fit true to size. Tempted myself to get more! Always glad to share some good steals :yahoo:
  7. The platform definitely gives the shoe a bit more comfort, also the heel is substantial and probably supports your foot a bit better.

    Good find, Rainy.
  8. My problem is I don't have a "true size" ... I think my true size if measured would be 10, but I almost always have to go to 11 because of the width of my forefoot. It sucks ... but I guess it could be worse. I saw someone post on a shoe blog that she is size 12 EEEE ... :nuts:
  9. Aww. If it helps, I usually run between 8.5 and 9 and I bought these in 9 and they fit perfectly...:yes:
  10. Oooh thanks for sharing :smile: think I'm gettin me a pair ^^
  11. are the t-straps on this site the only ones that are supposed to feel that good? or are they all the platforms that colin stuart makes on the site...does anyone know...
    also, i have two kids that i carry around and i usually wear sneakers/flats or very small heels. do you think i could wear these and be comfortable? i am short and the idea of a tall comfortable shoe is very appealing to my 5'1" self!!!
  12. to be honest, i've always been in search of a tall comfortable shoe, so i know exactly what you mean. i'm also not the most graceful walker, so comfort is a top priority. The sandals are pretty heavy, as the platform and heel is pretty substantial, but I personally don't feel the weight that much when I'm walking, since the insole is padded.

    I'm not sure about Colin Stuart in general or the other sandals on the site, since I haven't heard anything about them or the brand, but I would guess that any shoe with the same combination of qualities (i.e. rounded toe, platform, padded insole, relatively substantial heel) would share the same relative comfort. I wondered the same thing myself but decided to stick to the one everyone was raving about, just to be sure. Good luck!! :yes: