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I bought my Tory bag three months ago from Saks and the back of the bag that rubs is already peeling. Is there anything I can do? I contacted Tory Burch directly and they said to contact Saks fifth avenue about it, but I’m not sure if they would be able to do anything.

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Was Saks able to resolve this for you? I haven’t had any wear like that on either of my Tory Burch bags but I don’t have that particular style.
I am very disappointed in quality of newer bags. I have older Tory Burch bags (5+ y.o.) that are still holding up like new with very minimal signs of wear, but newer bags I purchased within last 2 years seems to be not as good. Last one I bought was Kira crossbody. The leather is soft and buttery but so easy to damage. I managed to leave a mark from my nail by trying to grab the bag! Resale sites show intensive signs of wear at the corners for this model too which indicates the lack of quality in my option.

I found myself hunting for older Tory Burch bags in great condition on resale sites. Love the classic look and amazing quality. I have so many Tory bags now, mainly crossbodies and love every single!
I pulled out some nice flip flops the other day that I have hardly worn over the years to have them come apart in my hands. What garbage they turned out to be.
How did you store it? Similar happened to my shoes I stored in garage/forgot about. But I am in Florida so it get's hot. If yours were stored at room temperature and felt apart it's crazy!
I only have mostly jewelry and a couple pairs of the miller flip flops. I am happy with all of my purchases so far. The jewelry looks just as good as the day I bought it (except for expected wear and tear on a gold plated bracelet that I literally wear everyday). I recently bought a small kira satchel and am very happy with the quality. I will keep an eye on how the bag holds up over time.