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Dec 28, 2007
Hi all...

I know this post may be kind of unpopular, but has anyone else noticed Tory Burch quality to be sub-par? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE tory burch. I have 2 pairs of revas, 3 bags, and a TB wallet. I have noticed though that none of my items have great quality. I am in the process of trying to return my wallet because the Gold emblem has completely chipped. I am sorry but I have only had it a few months and for $200 I expect better. Also some of the handles of my bags have peeled, the inside mirror broke off one of my bags, etc.

I still like her stuff and think it's really cute, but I am extremely hesitant to ever purchase anything TB again.

Anyone else have the same opinions?
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So far I haven't had any problems with TB quality. I own one bag I purchased from one of her private sales, one pair of sunglasses (bought at an outlet), one of her canvas totes, and one pair of Revas (with more on the way). The quality has definitely not seemed sub-par for any of the items I have and has, instead, seemed pretty decent. At least on par with what I was expecting. :smile: I'm sorry to hear you are having problems though.
It seems to be a bit hit or miss. I have a pair of eddie flats which are fine and one handbag which is in good condition but I do feel the way the edging was done was subpar. It's not undone/unraveled but it is "rough" I posted pics in my review of what I'm talking about they could have sealed it better. Outside of that I'm pretty happy with the bag. I do tend to shop at nordies and use my nordies card so if I ever have a issue i can just return them no problem. Bloomies is pretty good on returns too. But I have read some posts here that were not happy with the quality of TB bags/shoes. I'd say buy from a department store you know you can return it or at least get the item repaired at no cost to you.
I have sunglasses, a coin purse (with the keychain), a bag, and flats. I have the Robinson Satchel which is originally 550 USD, I believe. I got mine for 288 USD. I would never pay 550 though, especially after having it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the bag, but I just don't think it's worth nearly $600. I've only had it for a month, so I can't comment on long-term quality issues. I haven't had any issues so far, really. I think I got a pretty good deal on it. I just don't think it's worth 550 as far as the stitching on the inside and such.

I also find that the sunglasses are nothing special...granted I got those on sale too. Pretty much all of my TB items have been on sale. I LOVE the brand and think she has cute stuff, but I can't really justify the price point. I've never had "designer" sunglasses before though, so I'm not really sure how the quality compares?

As far as the coin purse/keyring goes...I love it! and I actually think it's excellent quality considering I got it on sale for 66 USD (it retails for $95). It's patent leather and seems very sturdy! I've only been using it for about a week. I already have scratches on the keyring part, but I mean, that's to be expected with use.

Sorry for the long and rambly post! :blush: But basically, I love TB, but I will continue to only purchase sale items most likely (with the exception of the flats, which I love, that never go on sale!) Love the products, just don't think they're quite up to their price point quality wise.
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You know, after my post, I bought my first pair of new Revas, black with silver hardware. I wore them yesterday and before lunch the insole leather had already separated from the foot bed and was getting obnoxiously folded and bunched up under my heel. I am not at all impressed with that. I will be taking them back today.
i bought a pair of revas ~dec. napa leather with silver hardware. yesterday i was at dinner and noticed my soles were coming off and the shoes were started to "talk".
i will not be buying a new pair of revas in the future... i really did expect more from $130 flats.

eta. i do own a bag and sunglasses from TB and had no probs with those.
Update: I went back to the TB store on Saturday afternoon and exchanged my Revas. The salesgirl said that "never should have happened" (with the insole/lining pulling away like it did). I am wearing my replacement pair today and so far so good, the lining had already pulled halfway off the shoe by now, with the first pair.
I really love Tory Burch clothes and shoes. I buy at least 4-5 pieces from each season and have 10+ pair of shoes. I just returned my second pair of TB sunglasses - thankfully, I purchased at Nordstrom. I know sunglasses are a licensed item and probably not made by TB, but I found them to be terrible quality. The lenses scratched more easily than any sunglasses I have ever owned. I exchanged my first pair and experienced the same problem with the second pair.

I have noticed that some of the shoes are better than others. This is also true for the clothing. Some items look and feel incredibly well made and others seem hardly better than H&M. It's a real hit or miss, but for me, the style is often irresistible. Shop from a good department store when you can!
Update: I went back to the TB store on Saturday afternoon and exchanged my Revas. The salesgirl said that "never should have happened" (with the insole/lining pulling away like it did). I am wearing my replacement pair today and so far so good, the lining had already pulled halfway off the shoe by now, with the first pair.

That happened to mine too. Except, I haven't exchanged them/returned them yet. I bought them from bloomies but don't know if they would accept return/exchanges.

As for their quality, most TB is made in china. I think their flats are the only ones made in brazil.
I have to say I'm surprised at some of these comments. I have three pairs of Revas and havn't had any issues with their soles. The leather on my black/gold revas is delicate and it has some scratches on it (esp on the front since it scrapes across the concrete once in awhile)... but I've had mine for over a year now. The other two are new but I've worn them a few times with no issues.
I hesitate to write negative reviews, but I just received last night a huge order from Tory Burch. I've had my eye on so many of her new Spring arrivals, so with the help of my work bonus I purchased some treats for myself. Almost all of it went back. I don't know if I'm used to above par quality from the other premier designer accessories I own, but I feel like $500 for a purse, $165 for sunglasses and $60 for earrings, I should be getting decent quality items. It's not small change, you know? Everything was "Made in China" and came wrapped in celophane. The backs of the earrings were bent when I took them out of the packaging. I've spent $28 on earrings from Anthropologie before and they were better quality than these were, I'm sorry to say. The sky blue Robinson Satchel, which I was SO excited about, had two metallic marks on the leather. The stitching was haphazard as well. But the marks were the dealbreaker for me. The sunglasses were chintzy and for the same price as my Ray Bans, I would have expected something a bit more substantial. I just wasn't impressed. The only thing I kept was the Robinson Blood Orange + Fuschia French Purse. The leather on it was not perfect, but it's pretty adorable. Has anyone else had a similar experience with her accessories and leather goods? I own lots of Kate Spade jewelry and sunglasses and all of these are beautiful and high quality, in my opinion, for a mid-range designer. I can't speak to Kate Spade bags though, as I don't own one.