Tory Burch Chat thread

  1. Lovely boots! I can't believe it took me until today to realize my favorite shoe brand has a sub forum! Yipeeeee!!
  2. :love: pretty boots and I'm thinking to get one later...hmmm

    Thank you for starting this thread
    I'm starting obsessed with Tory Burch shoes and there is a long long wishlist waiting. Most of them is come from past season like Tory Burch Abbey flats and Reese flats. Will post some pics later ;)
  3. hi, first time posting here. I have a question: if I'm a true 9, with average width feet, would a 9.5 in the Quinn flats still fit alright? I have a 9 in the patent Maggie Short heel and it fits perfectly. I have a few suede Revas and the toe box hurts with the medallion on my foot. It stretched a little but I think a 9.5 might have been better. So would a 9.5 in the Quinn Quilted flats fit me?
  4. discoAMOUR sorry i cant be much help. But im really happy to have a TB subforum.
  5. I just found this subforum - yippee~! :yahoo:

  6. I think you should get your TTS. The Quinn isn't stretchy like the Reva, it is a structured ballet flat. I got my TTS and they are fine with a little room.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice.
  8. Whoa, since when did TB get a sub forum? I wish this was around when I was debating whether or not to buy a Robinson Satchel off eBay three months ago :amuse:

    Those boots are hot! I think this sub forum is going to turn me on to TB shoes - I just received my first pair tonight, the Penny Loafers in Tory Red from the FB sale. They're cute, but I'm not sure how they're gonna fit into my style so we'll see if they're a keeper.
  9. where and how much and do they have with the silver logo?
  10. I purchased them from the TB website during the Labor Day Sale, they are $495 but I got $100 off from the sale and no tax/free shipping. I believe these boots are exclusive to the website and TB stores. They come in black and a light golden brown, both with gold hardware.

    I am wearing them today actually! I really love them.
  11. Wow! I just came to say that I am glad there is a TB subforum! I may be a little late tho!
  12. looove those boots. of course they are all sold out now :sad:

  13. First time I post for TB forums, but I am glad to find this thread.

    Gurzzy, I love those boots, I recently purchase the TB duck winter boots at a great deal from the website, They'e on their way to me and I really can't wait. I hope I can buy one day the two tone riding boots too :smile:
  14. Where can I find the brown revas with the gold logo? Everywhere I look they are sold out.
  15. Would love to find brown revas as well. I know this is an old post but please PM me if you ever found them somewhere;)