Tory Burch Chat thread

  1. Feel free to keep the general chat, and day to day catching up, in this thread!

  2. wwooooow, just noticed the tory burch subforum.. and shiny new chat thread :sunshine:
  3. NICE!

    I ordered some riding boots from the TB Labor Day sale, I will post a pic when I get home from work.
  4. ahh yay i didn't know there was a TB subforum! hallelujah :woot:
  5. I just saw this. yea for TB getting a forum.
  6. Here are my new boots! I can't wait to wear them!!

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  7. ^ Gorgeous boots!
  8. gorgeous!! I've been thinking to get this one as well.. :sweatdrop:

    i think we need to make a separate thread for tb boots picture for reference cause i surely love mine!
  9. ^^ Love those boots! The leather looks delectable!
  10. I loooove her boots!! Wish my calves would fit in them!! I have a ton of Tory Burch (mostly bags and shoes), so glad there is a sub forum now!
  11. did you get the 797 bag? would love to see pictures, please :tender:
  12. I actually got both bags (the larger and the smaller one) in gray and sent them back the same day!!! :shucks: I was so disappointed, I didn't even think about taking pictures.

    I'll tell you why both went back, which might still help. The leather was great (although I will says some of the panels were lighter/darker than the ones they were touching, which I could have dealt with). The problem, for me at least, was the sizing. The smaller one (messenger) was a really small bag, I'd compare it to my MBMJ Natashas, and for that price, I think it needs to be bigger. Another issue was that the size got smaller at the top so the opening was a bit small.

    The larger one of the other hand (the satchel) was HUGE!!!! I like larger bags and this one just looked like a briefcase to me, esp. using the shoulder strap. It was just gargantuan. IMHO, a size in between the two style would have been perfect.

    Also, i noticed an issue with the bag since it's a top handle and has the small strap on the front that goes thru the loop to close the bag. It was a multi-step process to open it and it would be very difficult to do if you had it on the crook of your arm. Once you open the bag, the contents part of the bag just fell away from the flap with the handle. Then I had to grab the bottom with my other hand to maneuver the strap back into place. Wasn't forth the hassle.
  13. i'm sorry that it's a disappointment. I don't think I've seen the bag in store so I haven't play around with it but after hearing this, i'm curious! :thinking:
  14. awesome boots!!! i can't wait until you wear them, too! :woot:
  15. Amazing!