Toronto Gals - Pine City with GGH on sale at Holt's Bloor

  1. Hi ladies,

    dropped by briefly at the Holt's bloor st location.
    Saw 2 Pine City bags with GGH on sale for $1399 (? I think).
    Didn't see any other colours on sale.

    Hope a TFPer snags it!
  2. Thanks Miyake! I was there on Wednesday and they only had B wallets on sale.
  3. I'm going there today, thanks for the info! I'll have to take a look at what they have.
  4. What wallets do they have (colors, styles, price)? Is the sale at all Holts or just Bloor location? I'm closer to the Sherway location.
  5. Well, I am not too familiar with the wallets ---, there were 2 different wallets - only one of each - both looked like olive/brown with giant hardware for $400 something. I suggest you call them up and ask. Sorry, I am not too sure about the styles. I just called yorkdale and they have none on sale. I am too far away from sherway but please post if you find out...I may just do the trek if it's worth it! :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info...I'm going this afternoon so I will post what I find at the Sherway Holt Renfrew. Looking for a money wallet (haven't decided on a colour) to put in my new black City. :smile:
  7. I saw the same pine city GGH on sale at Holts Vancouver this week, at the same $1300 or so range.
    Also a couple of nice wallets, ocean money wallet (small one with zip?) and a dark khaki type of colour, both wallets were marked at $319.00? if I am remembering right.....also a small clutch/make up? the same khaki colour.

    Nan :smile:
  8. Is anyone getting the city?