Tokidoki disaster...

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  1. [First, I gotta say: darling, if you're on this forum, you would be rocking with a few minor alterations....]

    Anyway, so my coworker came running up to me today saying "Oh my god there is an entirely tokified lady out on the floor with her hair in pigtails!!!"

    I had to go take a look at this, so I sidled over.

    She was an older woman, with braided pigtails in pink scrunchies, wearing one of the all-over print tees, with the daisy hoodie wrapped around her waist, carrying a citta rosa nuvola. Surprisingly she wasn't wearing the sneakers.

    [Seriously, if you are reading this -- if you get a cute little short haircut, stop wearing those shoes and socks, and only wear one major piece of toki at will be totally admirable! Please please, don't wear it all at the same time. Please. It's bad.]

    And that's what happened to me today. :wtf:
  2. LMAO... :roflmfao:

    So sad... sometimes I feel weird when I'm covered in toki but other times it's just cuz I didn't have another clean shirt to wear :lol: but yeah I've had the shoes, pull over hoodie, shirt, bag, necklace on before and felt weird... but that's just a funny description

    I haven't seen scrunchies in a long time
  3. heh, I did that hair things, but I had the daisies tee & my amore bag...and my mom's all-over sweater. I do admit that was TOO much lmfao. I do think wearing a shirt & a toki bag is OK now though lmfao....but just a shirt, a jacket & a bag that is all colors......might be a bit much. HAHA, maybe I should get a solid colored hoodie for myself ;) heheheheheh.
  4. I'm ok with a shirt (but not an all-over, unless you've got a solid bag) and a bag, and shoes too are fine....

    But more than that is just....overwhelming....
  5. If 3 tokidoki items at once is too much, I would probably shock and offend on a regular basis. :lol:
  6. I think the most I would personally do is maybe a solid bag with a patterned tote, or maybe one of my bags/totes with my Fornarina sneakers. If I had a hoodie, I would wear a solid bag. Otherwise I'd feel too much like a Japanese "fruit" (cute to look at, but not just not me) :smile:
  7. everyone has their own personal "style." i understand there are fashion no-no's but i feel like some of these posts on here are just bashing the way other people look.

    i am a bit reluctant to do the hoodie & bag thing, but i do it on occasion (mostly to the movies or somewhere i think i'll be cold). at least the adios storm hoodie is a bit more subtle..
  8. LOL, you should have called me, I would have run down the street to see this!!!
  9. Hell, I do wear a toki bag, shirt and shoes all at the same time, even all-over ones....lmfao I guess I would shock some people too. But honestly, I could care less what people think. I don't think it looks that bad so I will continue doing it. And, I dont have solid bags because I think they're a waste of money for nothing on yeah lolz. But for me...allover print shirt & allover print jacket & a full on toki bag like amore is a bit too much, but thats for me wearing it...lolz. IDK...
  10. I had been guilty of that before. I wear my storm hoodie with a toki tee and a toki bag. Is that so wrong? hehe. I still think I look great. =P
  11. Wow, tough crowd!

    If you see me out and about, looking all "old" with my "kids cartoon bags" and goofy shirts (all at the same time, heaven forbid!), don't bother to post about it, ok? I'm probably a "fashion disaster" most days by many people's standards, and I couldn't care less. I wear what I like and don't care what other people think.

    Jessaka, I remember the photo of you all Toki'd out and I thought you were adorable!!

  12. OMG !

    Style IS a personal thing, but personally, I don't think I could handle so many prints.
  13. I bleed for the people I see every day who could change just a few things and look wonderful.
  14. good things come in moderation >_> yup.

    i bet if she wasnt old nobody would say anything ;[ the words "pink scrunchies" does make me cringe though lol *doesnt like pink anything*
  15. I honestly didn't think anyone would take this so personally, I mistakenly felt safe in relating my story.

    Ayla, you can delete this thread if you'd like, it's not a very good one.
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