Tokidoki at Winners in Toronto

  1. Just an FYI, I saw the following at the Winners on Spadina in Toronto:

    Scuola - Citta print @ $129.99 (I bought one of these :smile:)
    Trenino - Foresta print $199.99

    Has anyone else seen Toki at other Winners in the GTA?
  2. i saw one at the yonge and college winners
  3. Oops! I just saw the thread by frogbubbles regarding the same thing.
  4. yeah they had a citta scuola at the winners at sheppard centre on.... tuesday?
    and apparently a couple weeks ago they had a bunch of stuff. well according to a couple friends anyway. didnt see anything else really. might head over to the one at bloor then the one at college tmrw. either that or i'm just gonna get a pirata at b2 at the eaton ctr =/
    or on queen.
    anyone know where else theyve got them in toronto?
    ive heard some stores in yorkville carry them but i never shop there so im not sure where to go.
  5. I was at bloor winners today. Nothing.

    So I guess they are still selling the same styles from 2 weeks ago.

    The yorkville store is in cumberland plaza, called taschen. They have a store on Yonge and King too...had a 15% sale 2 wks ago.
  6. 3 citta scuola at the Winners at King & Spadina as of closing this evening.
  7. its not winners, but if you go to b2 (the shoe store) at the eaton ctr they have tokidoki's for about $20-40 off.
    they have pirata, adios star, l'amore, aaand thats pretty much it. there's not that much left. i bought a l'amore bambinone today. $140 ^_^
    i think they've got an adios bella, dolce, bambinone, bambino, and prolly some others i didnt notice. in pirata they had a couple bambinones, a mamma mia?, i think a stellina?, and a few dolce's. then all they had of the l'amore was the bambinones, a bambino, and a dolce.
    they prolly still have some at boathouse (just outside dundas side of eaton ctr on yonge) but i dunno.
    and bonny at the manulife centre has pretty much everything. but theyre reeeeeaally pricey. like $140 for a dolce >_<
  8. I really don't like Bonny and DeCatarina in the Manulife. I got yelled at one day when I was in there, and just for checking my shopping/wish list and writing down some prices and notes. I was accused of being competition undercutting their prices! Sheesh. I bought two bags from them before too. Never again, for sure.
  9. Boathouse actually sells the same price as US. 1:1 US:CDN conversion! I think they have the best non-sale price!
  10. aritzia on bloor had some of the tokidoki ones but i can't remember the price.
  11. Omg.. Winners with Tokidoki ! I gotta check that out !

    That sucks about being yelled at, I will also never shop there.. jerks !
  12. do they still have foresta trenino there?
  13. August 29

    Scotia Plaza had about 8 pieces of Adios Star in today, it's all sold already except for maybe one (pastelstar, let 'em know).

    I checked College Park and they had none, so either they sold out too, or haven't gotten them out yet.

    So keep your eyes open!

    Oh yeah, and for some reason they have no qees...
  14. I got them! AS stellina and BV, and I snagged that campeggio too. Greeeeedy. Thanks, enabler friend!

    And I have no idea what's the deal with the qees. The tags don't even say "2 piece". Too strange. And the red bleeds through to the stitching on some bits, but I don't care.
  15. Oh good lord, you're bad.

    I didn't even notice the red was bleeding through. My coworker had asked someone about the qees, and she said they told her they were selling them separately. I don't know what that's all about. The foresta and cittas we had in definitely still had the qees on.

    Oh well, it's not like we don't all have 400 qees.